Can PSYCH-K® be done via skype or on the phone?

You might have come across “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton or “PSYCH-K – The Missing Piece/Peace In Your Life” by Rob Williams and are curious to experience how PSYCH-K® can shift your subconscious beliefs quickly and effectively. If there is no experienced PSYCH-K® practitioner in your area you might wonder if PSYCH-K® can be done over the phone or on skype?

Yes. It can. The practitioner can surrogate for you or bring someone in at their end to step in for you. The muscle testing will then be done on the surrogate person and that surrogate will also do the balances for you even though you might be asked to join in on your end. A session on Skype can be as effective and productive as an in person session and saves you the travelling to the practitioner’s location.

This is what a client of mine in Europe has to say about Skype sessions:

“Right from the start, it is obvious that Angelika knows what she’s doing. She pours her heart and soul into her work and believes in what she does. I felt almost transformed after just one session of Psych-K. I look forward to future Skype sessions with her. I was a little sceptical at first about having a session over Skype (there are over 4000km between us) but much to my surprise it went like a dream.” 
— Michael Broeckhuyzen, Seville/Spain

Further PSYCH-K® testimonials

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