Influences of a Distant Past

In 2004, I was walking down the stairs in our house with my youngest daughter Tia who was just three years old at the time. All our family photos were hung up chronologically on the wall by the stairs. Suddenly, the little one stopped with a faraway look on her face. Absentmindedly but very seriously, she said to me, “I had to come to this family, you know.”

Intrigued, I softly asked, “Why?” After a short pause, she replied, “Because I had to be with Cara again.” My curiosity was piqued. Excitedly, I prompted her to tell me more, but just as this strange altered state had come over her, it disappeared instantly. The next moment, she was a regular little three-year-old once again, happily bouncing down the stairs.

Cara & Tia montage

Cara is Tia’s 5½ year older sister. The two girls have the closest and most loving and supportive relationship I have ever seen in siblings. They are opposites in many ways, yet best friends who always have each others back. They would make an adorable couple, but in this life, they have chosen to be siblings.

Around that time that my youngest told me so matter of factly that she had to come to this family, I was just about to start my hypnosis training. One of the ways to access past life memories in your subconscious mind is through hypnosis. The past life regression is a two hour session in which the client is guided back to two childhood memories from this life and—if everything goes by the book—to two previous lives. This somewhat time intensive method is best for clients who are very visual. Seeing and feeling firsthand what occurred in the past is step one of understanding and healing.

After many years of offering these past life regressions in hypnosis, I feel that muscle testing is a faster way of accessing the information about what interference patterns have been carried over from a past life. Even though our physical body dies with each incarnation, consciousness itself is continuous and the energy of unprocessed traumatic experiences remains in our energy field. Instead of spending a two hour session on entering into a hypnotic state and accessing the memories mostly in a visual way, we can, within a very short time, muscle test the information necessary.

muscle testing 3

We can muscle test the time period, gender, age, social and financial status and whether the interference pattern was created on your own or in relationship to others. We can figure out what chakra was affected and what the cause of the conflict was. When we have a basic understanding of what happened, we can focus on healing the interference pattern. I find that often forgiveness work will help to bring closure to the past life and clear out the hold that the distant past still has over the person. Other times, an emotion needs to be released or beliefs learned in that life need to be changed.

Interference patterns from past lives are not the only way we are affected by experiences prior to our birth. Epigenetics has shown how the cellular memory or DNA affects the next generations to come. Energy is never lost and is still contained within the consciousness of one family.

Dhebi DeWitz explains: “Our ancestor’s experiences, beliefs, and emotions leave an impression, a molecular scar or adhesion, on our DNA and in our lives. Those adhesions that permanently attach to the DNA can be replicated right along with it through the next generations. If someone in your ancestral lineage experienced hardships, tremendous trauma, world disaster, Holocaust, famine, injustice, a scalping, or suffering of some kind, the chemistry from that stressful experience, to some degree, becomes imprinted on your DNA.” (DeWitz, “The Messenger Within”)

These DNA imprints can affect our perceptions, behaviours and life experiences and with it our relationships, our prosperity, our health, and our overall level of fear versus trust.

Influences of a distant past - familytree1

One of my clients had an ancestral line in which all the women on her mother’s side, right back to her great-grandmother or even further, endured great hardships, experiencing wars, deaths, raising their children on their own and having to be really strong and self-sufficient. She herself had grown up hearing that she also was a strong woman. With that ancestral lineage, it can be challenging to embrace our softer side. My client was also concerned about continuing this family pattern. Rather than being a strong woman coping alone, she would like to manifest an equal partnership of mutually supporting each other.

When I guided her through the ancestral healing process, she had the vision of the men in her family coming together to join the women. They had been there all along. She had the insight that the women were strong yet supported by the men in the background. For herself and her female ancestors, the healing opens up a future of not having to continue the pattern of struggling alone.

Dhebi describes a case in her book of a female client in her mid-50s who had been struggling in her business. During the process, the client noticed a cloud of dark, heavy energy along her father’s side of her linage. Her grandfather had lost a fortune during the Great Depression. After clearing out this pattern, the client reported back that her business was flowing without difficulty now, everything lining up and falling into place.

When we make the choice to heal our ancestral lineage on both our father’s and on our mother’s side, we bring a higher level of consciousness into our lineage line which affects us as well as our children and grandchildren positively.

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To facilitate your own healing work I highly recommend “The Messenger Within” by Dhebi DeWitz. One of the downloadable resources is a guided shamanic process to energetically clear both lines of generational imprints. The guided process will also be available on the Heart and Soul Academy website as an audio version.

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Children Remembering Having Past Life Memories

NBC news recently reported an interesting story about a boy who remembers his past life as an unknown Hollywood actor in the 30ties. The boy was able to remember some astonishing details about this actor’s life which have been verified.

PLR boy rmembeirng life as actor 2


The phenomenon of children talking about a past life or making comments which indicate re-incarnation is not uncommon. Children sometimes seem to still remember events or people from before they were born into this life. Sometimes souls are even born into the same family again, two or three generations later. When you search “children remembering their past lives” such headlines as “5-year-old is his own grandfather” or“3-year-old boy solves his own murder” come up.

Over the years, I have heard many different stories from friends and clients about children, who have made comments about their past lives in a completely matter of fact way. Usually, children are younger than six when you hear such remarks. One of my own children very seriously told me at age 3½, “I had to come to this family”. When I asked, “Why?” she replied, “Because I had to be with my sister again”. Those were certainly comments beyond what one would expect a 3-year-old to make and therefore this conversation caught my attention and curiosity.

2005 Tia @ Lynn Rose

Incidentally, the relationship between her and her sister is one which is very close, supportive and loving. They are sisters in this life to help and encourage each other. However, sometimes we find that we are re-incarnating repeatedly with certain souls from our soul group to learn hard lessons, lessons which allow us to grow due to conflicts and issues rather than love and support.

As parents, we often find children’s claims to remember other lives more remarkable or unusual than the children perceive them. For them, the memories are simply part of their experience of life. They live otherwise typical childhoods. Sometimes parents seem to be afraid that something is wrong with their child’s mental health when they say things that are hard to explain. This is absolutely not the case.

If you have a child who has made a statement which has you wondering whether they are accessing a past life memory rather than just making something up, you might be unsure how to handle this situation. I can only recommend remaining open-minded and treating the child’s remarks with respect, just as you treat anything they share with respect.

Don’t ask too many probing questions. As a parent you want to avoid that the children are making things up. Open-ended general prompts like “Tell me more…” are most successful. If you child is one of those kids who give enough information which can be verified, it is good to write down the details of what they are saying.

If you feel your child has come back as one of his or her own grandparents or great-grandparents, enjoy the special connection you have with them. However, remind yourself, that although in the past life they might have been your parent or grandparent, in this life, they are not. They deserve to have a childhood and a mature and responsible parent in you.

Last but not least, as exciting as it is that your child remembers having been somebody else, keep in mind that their current life is most important right now. Any knowledge which comes through from a past life has to be seen as “How can that information help me right now in my present life?” We are here in the present time and space to live this life fully and to grow from our experience.


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If you are curious to find out what you can learn from your past lives for your current existence, contact me for a past life regression.

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When somebody calls me up for a free consultation regarding past life hypnosis, one concern that sometimes comes up is, “Will it work?”

The secret to a successful past life regression is to let go and allow the images to flow. The more you can simply relax, trust and permit the story to tell itself, the smoother the experience. Doubt or worry blocks the flow. The time for analyzing is AFTER the regression is over. During hypnosis, it is best to simply go with what comes up.

A past life regression is a two hour session. After an initial talk about hypnosis, I begin by guiding you into a slight trance state, and we go back to two childhood memories. The childhood memories are an intermediate step. We are looking for happy or positive experiences as a child, not traumatic ones. Our goal, after all, is to go back to past lives and not to clear out traumas from this life.

We then relax you even further and regress back to past lives. I always aim for two past lives in the same session, as the lives often have the same topic or answer the same questions. Another benefit of going back to more than one life is that the second life very often comes up as more detailed. After having accessed one past life successfully, you realize that your concerns were unnecessary. It does work! You will relax even deeper and the second past life can flow in even more effortlessly.

As fascinating as it is to know what past lives we have had, the purpose of a past life regression is to gain insights for this life. We will examine what you have learned in those incarnations. The essential question is, “How does knowing about these past lives help me in my CURRENT life?” Your subconscious allows you to open the door to two past lives which are relevant for you now. It gives you the answers you seek to questions you might—or might not—consciously be aware of. All you need to do is allow the information to flow in.

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Does Past Life Therapy Prove That Reincarnation Exists?

Last week, I was called up by a high school student who had to write an essay for anthropology about Reincarnation. Considering that this was a Catholic student, her questions were phrased from a specific perspective and based on the teachings of the Catholic church. I would like to answer some of her queries in this blog that reflect what many people wonder about.

1.   How does past-life regression work? How is it able to reach into one’s soul and be able to reveal who they were in the past?

Past Life Regression works through hypnosis. The past life memories are stored in the subconscious mind and can be accessed in a hypnotic state.

2.    How does one’s realization of a past life affect their choices in the present?

Past Life Therapy focuses on what a person has learned in a past life. “How did I gain or grow, what could I have done better, and how can those insights help me in my present life?”

Sometimes there is a “carryover” from a past life. We are still struggling with the same lessons, or we brought issues we had with certain people in the past into this life with us.

3.    Because past-life regression is able to reveal an individual’s past life, is this proof of reincarnation?

No, it isn’t. However, Past Life Therapy does not try to prove whether we reincarnate, or not. Even if the story that is coming up from the subconscious mind could be a metaphor of our deeper mind to help us, it has great value as it answers our questions and deeper concerns. Countless times I have seen how emotionally healing, cleansing, and freeing a past life regression is for most people. It leads to new understanding that can be applied to our present life.

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A 111 Mother’s Day Opportunity

A worried client called me a week ago. She was a bit scared because she has lately noticed number sequences like 111, 222, 333 or 444 all the time. She wanted to know, what does it for example mean when I see 111 or 1111?

Did you happen to look at a digital clock a lot lately at exactly 1:11 or 11:11? You are not alone. This is no reason to be concerned; on the contrary!

Whenever you see the number sequence 111 or 1111 show up, it is a sign of a special opportunity. Both numbers mean that a “doorway” or “window” has opened up through which your intentions, desires, wishes, dreams and goals will manifest very quickly. Focus your thoughts and intentions whenever you see 111 or 1111, as if you were blowing out the candles on your birthday cake.

In honour of my own mom who passed away last summer, I am this year presenting you with a mother’s day offer with 111 candles on it.

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