Emotional Triggers for Overeating and How PSYCH-K® and Hypnosis Can Help

It is 9 o’clock at night; you are finally relaxing, maybe sitting in front of the TV. All day long you have made reasonable eating choices, you had dinner and you are not really hungry. However, something drives you to go to the fridge or cupboard and look for a snack. You know the snack will make you feel better, it will help you to relax, be a nice reward or distraction.

This is the moment to stop right there and ask yourself what negative emotion you are trying to distract yourself from. What were you just feeling before you got up to go to the fridge?

Your response might be to say, I felt bored, or I felt tired, or I felt like I needed a treat. But we might have to go deeper to really understand and eliminate the emotional trigger.

Emotional eating is one of the biggest sabotaging factors when losing weight or maintaining your ideal weight. As long as your subconscious does not support you fully in your health goals and operates on limiting beliefs losing weight and maintaining that weight might always be a struggle.

Such limiting beliefs are:

I need my comfort foods.

I am always hungry.

Eating is a good distraction from negative feelings.

Eating makes me feel good (safe / comforted / happy / loved / calm like me / relaxed… etc.)

These beliefs can be re-programmed using Psych-K® and/or Hypnosis with supportive beliefs like:

I easily let go of all emotional reasons for overeating.

I am free of emotional eating.

I stop and think before I eat.

I distinguish clearly between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

I satisfy my emotional hunger in appropriate ways.

When I am tired, I rest.

When I feel sad, I…

When I feel scared, I…

When I am bored I always find something better to do than to eat.

If you want to find out more about techniques to eliminate limiting beliefs and emotions that lead to emotional eating come to a

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Healthy Weight Loss and Exercise

Can you honestly say “I love to exercise”? Would you like to feel that way?

Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes? Or do you need to lose weight? In both cases, healthy weight loss should go hand in hand with exercising.

Coaching helps you to understand your emotional triggers for making unhealthy eating choices. Hypnosis and Psych-K® help to eliminate those triggers and give you beliefs that support healthy weight loss and motivate you to exercise.

The first thing that your subconscious mind is beginning to accept in Hypnosis is that in order to lose weight, you are going to be burning off more calories than you take in. We shift your thinking from “I have to exercise” to “I love to exercise.” Hypnosis and Psych-K® help you to feel that exercising is fun, easy and effortless.

Contact me for Weight Management and Hypnosis for Weight Loss or for Diabetes Motivational Coaching.




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