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Coaching is quite different from other forms of counselling. Coach and client are a co-active team. At the base of the co-active model is the belief that every person is creative, resourceful, and whole and able to find their own “solutions” as long as the right questions are asked.

What I will NOT DO for you as a coach:

  • I will not give you answers or solutions.
  • I will not tell you what to do.

What I will DO for you as a coach:

  • I will truly listen to your words and to what I feel in the gaps between the words.
  • I will remain curious and ask the questions you might not have asked yourself yet to deepen the learning and evoke transformation.
  • I will intrude and bottom line to keep you from getting lost in your “stories”.
  • I will point out saboteurs or limiting thought/belief patterns.
  • I will use belief changing techniques like PSYCH-K® to help you make quick and efficient changes to your beliefs systems.
  • I will hold you accountable when you agree to take concrete steps towards change.

Some of the work we might do in a coaching session includes:


Appointments are available IN PERSON in Mississauga (Britannia & Winston Churchill) or BY PHONE. 905-286-9466

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