I was surprised how easy it was for Angelika to lead me into viewing several past lives and how gracefully it was performed. I felt completely comfortable and brought into vision what was locked which helped heal several issues that became a pattern for me in several lives. Her patience with the process and the intuitive questions that brought forth the information was amazing. I am booking further sessions because the benefit it brings to me is incredible. Thank you Angelika for the loving way you help heal issues I no longer need to carry into this life time.

– Ruth MacRae, Kitchener



I was a little skeptical that I would be able to experience a past life memory as I had tried previously with another hypnotist and had no luck. I found Angelika to be very organized and knowledgeable in what she was undertaking with me. Everything went well and smoothly I found myself able to remember past events in my present life. From there we went easily into a first past life. I have had difficulty in the past bringing visions up. My senses appear to be more kinesthetic in that I know what is going on without being able to see. My senses gave me impressions that allowed me to describe events. My second memory was much clearer and my experience was very strong. There were definite visual elements that have remained with me to this day. I came out of the experience with no difficulty and feeling that the experience had been very beneficial for me. I would highly recommend Angelika, she is well organized, her voice is well suited to this procedure and it is an event to be experienced.

—Peter M.



I had my Past Life Regression with hypnotist Claudia Angelika. She advised me that I would be in a semi-like trance. My session was a different one, I had a futuristic type experience. I had visions of I what I would be doing in the future, I was living in a futuristic city and had visions of my wife and children growing before my eyes. I had a vision of my wife and I in the forest; I was working hard cutting logs and and my wife (Teressa) came out the house into a carriage to meet me and we went on our way to stumble upon a fork in the road I we chose to go left and encountered our future before us, a world so peaceful and a land plentiful of life. I believe this is my life to be with my wife and a new world to explore with our new born baby boy named Elijah. Thank you Angelika for opening my eyes to a whole new world… My world.

— Kevin, Orangeville



C. Angelika’s Past Life Regression through Hypnosis is mind blowing! The very idea that we have past lives, allows us to question the foundation of all we know to be true about ourselves. For myself, this opened the door to a deeper understanding of who I am, why I am here and how it all works. The lessons and deep wisdom was absolutely amazing, and invaluable for me during my present circumstances at this time in my present life! I will keep these words close to my heart, as they are sacred, valuable words of advise and wisdom. I found Past Life Regression to be a powerful tool in the search for truth. For those seeking a clearer perspective of the self, this is a profound awakening. As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Angelika Balm’s professional approach was reassuring, comforting and highly effective. The insight I experienced allowed me to move forward in my personal and professional life. A must for anyone seeking clarity, into his or her journey of self-discovery.

—Donna Pihan CRM, Etobicoke



Angelika, I wanted to write to you to thank you for the great experience I had with you at my Past Life Regression appointment. Right away I felt completely comfortable and appreciated your kindness towards myself, my sister and my daughter. Since the session I have thought back to the memories I had many times… the clarity with some of the memories I have felt is so strong and clear. It is so wonderful to know I have lived before with my daughter and that we have chosen to be together again. I feel that having this experience at this time in my life will be an amazing help in raising her…

—Jessica Watts, Sudbury



Hi Angelika,

I was so excited to do the PLR with you and it was a wonderful experience! Thank you for your detailed summary notes. They are interesting to go back and review!! As you said might happen, I have already unlocked some other information from those two lives, just because that time is open now and has revealed itself to me. I feel like the learnings were right there and the PLR session has reinforced some things that the universe was trying to tell me! I very much appreciate your time, your kind and open sharing of your gifts and the care you took in our session! Thank you, thank you!

—Carey B., St. Catharines


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