Dear Angelika,

Thanks you so much for your kindness, wisdom, and insight during our sessions together. As I sat in your warm and welcoming environment and looked up at you framed by the sunlight coming into the room I couldn’t help but feel that you are an earthbound angel with the sole purpose of helping others. You teach that the power to heal comes from within and that the purity of this power is gentle and sensitive and will respond to the subconscious. Therefore it is paramount that we all plunge into our subconscious to right the ship of our soul. As you are aware my wife – my soul partner – and I have been going through some stressful times trying to conceive and as we now face the highly intense process of IVF treatment we both feel focused, full of love and void of doubt and we are both ready and deserving to accept the miracle of life to come. With your guidance we have cast away our fears, doubts, and limiting paradigms we live within and freed ourselves of ego driven behaviours. We are as close as we have ever been and excited for our lives to change forever.

—Love & Light, Kyle from Niagara



I had already been introduced to the concept of self hypnosis and meditation through some online recordings I had purchased from a respected source. However until meeting Angelika and using PSYCH-K to really understand what my fears and anxieties were, my use of self hypnosis and meditation only brought me short and temporary relief from the stress of trying to become pregnant. Angelika and her genuinely warm and caring ways helped me face and overcome fears about being a good mother and helped me believe more than ever that a baby would come. Through sessions of PSYCH-K and self hypnosis with Angelika I became more confidant, more relaxed and much more positive about life overall. In the hectic world we live in today, finding the balance in mind and body is increasingly important for one’s health and happiness. Angelika has helped me achieve this and each time I see her or listen to her recordings it brings me such peace.

—Christina N. from Dundas




I can’t believe how fortunate my husband and I are! Our baby did come to us in her own time and her own individual way just as Angelika had me affirm so many times. Thanks to Angelika and her PSYCH-K skills, I was able to get rid of all limiting beliefs, doubts and fears about being a good parent that held me back emotionally. I learnt that my subconscious mind was protecting me from an experience that it felt would be overwhelming for me. Once I let go of all fears about not being a good mother and about giving birth, Jessica was conceived. Angelika helped me through the challenges of being pregnant. By teaching me self hypnosis she made it possible for me to have a more natural birth than I would otherwise have had the courage to sign up for. Thank you, Angelika, for your patience, your love and wisdom.

—Rita from Mississauga




I met Angelika during one of the lowest points of my life. I had just gone through my second pregnancy loss after 2-year struggle with infertility and treatments. I had little hope and doubted whether my body would ever be able to bring a child into this world. I was spending all sorts of money on my infertility treatments, supplements – anything to get me pregnant. But I had neglected my mental health and it caught up with me. By using hypnosis and PSYCH-K, Angelika was able to, like magic, make everything alright. She helped me take off the pressure I put on myself, helped me find hope to try again and even restored my confidence in my body. I was able to face my fertility treatments feeling that “everything will be okay.” Now that I am pregnant, I am able to enjoy my pregnancy without anxiety or worry. I feel that Angelika made all the difference and my only regret is not having met her sooner.

—Andrea S., Mississauga




My husband and I struggled for many years with fertility issues. We saw Angelika separately and together to clear out fears and limiting beliefs that were in the way of conceiving. I needed to learn to let go and surrender. Angelika helped me to recapture the joy in life instead of putting my life on hold. What we found most helpful was the sessions together. I believe Angelika’s wisdom and insights saved our marriage going through this challenging time. I am now seeing Angelika for Hypnosis for Birth sessions. My due date is in a few weeks and my husband and I cannot wait to welcome our baby into this world. (August 2019)

– Yana Fedorov, GTA


I went to see Angelika when my husband and I were struggling with infertility.  Angelika skillfully and lovingly helped me to align my spiritual and emotional energies so that I was in the best place to undertake fertility treatment. Angelika supported me over my fertility journey and my husband and I are now the proud parents of a darling baby boy. I can’t thank Angelika enough for her part in my journey to becoming a parent. (October 2019)

– Stacey A, Toronto

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