Angelika has helped me to identify subconscious fears and to release them using hypnotherapy and the Psych-K® technique. Hypnotherapy was a very effective tool which had immediate results in turning my breech baby.

—Lily C., R.M.T., Mississauga



Angelika, My husband and I would like to thank you for your help and support during the last seven months. With hypnosis I was able to release all unnecessary anxiety and truly enjoy the pregnancy. You taught me to see pain as a natural part of the birth experience, so I could get rid of limiting ideas. Thanks to your sessions I was able to experience being in control when giving birth to our beautiful daughter. It was wonderful to be able to go with the flow of nature, and I feel blessed to have been able to experience such a positive and natural birth. We are proud parents of a balanced and happy child due to the amazing start we had with her. Thank you for teaching me how to use hypnosis to make this the best possible experience.

—Christine M., Mississauga





… Angelika helped me through the challenges of being pregnant. By teaching me self hypnosis she made it possible for me to have a more natural birth than I would otherwise have had the courage to sign up for. Thank you, Angelika, for your patience, your love and wisdom.

—Rita, Mississauga


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