Every time I have had a session with Angelika has been followed by a pivotal moment in my life.

The first time, was right before I found the courage to quit my job, the second time, I was just beginning a new career path, and the third time surprised me the most!

I had come to her to work on some energy that I needed help moving through. I originally came for hypnosis, but after a brief discussion we chose to try Holoenergetics®. Angelika gently walked me through the process to reveal some stuck energy around not feeling like I was welcome, and that at times even felt invisible. We transformed this energy together, in a subtle but significant way.

When the session was complete she had me envision a symbol to represent the transformation, and to work with in the days following the session. As a complete surprise, and not without confusion on my part, the image that I got was of a knot; rather a small piece of rope, tied in a knot. Trusting that this was my symbol for a reason, Angelika asked me to meditate over this symbol for the next three days. On the fourth day, my boyfriend of four years proposed­ completely unexpectedly-even to him. He had planned on doing it months later, in a completely different fashion, but something about the moment changed his mind. At the time of this writing, we will be ‘tying the knot’ in three months.

Angelika is a beautiful and genuine soul, who guides you through energetic shifts with confidence, wisdom and a gentle support that allows for beautiful and safe transformations. I recommend her to anyone who will listen, and trust her with any vulnerability I may encounter. She has proven time and again that the old adage is true, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’. I am truly blessed to have her as a teacher.

– Kaitlin, June 17, 2016



Hello Angelika,

Wow! That was a fantastic summary you sent. I had forgotten most of what we did so it is great to have a refresher on paper to refer to so I can continue to move forward in my growth.

I’ve realized a lot of my focus was in the past, largely dealing with the regret and sorrow of what could have been and how I could have done it differently… as we know, get the lesson and move on… so, now I can do that.

You helped me through a lot in a short period of time… thank you so much for your skill, competency, integrity and clarity… life-changing. I’m sure I will continue to expand based on what we accomplished today. I love your energy and your gentle yet powerful way of being and facilitating change.

Deborah from Oakville

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