I love your “Letting go of Stress” CD! I have listened to it almost every day for the past three weeks. Whenever I go to sleep at night I imagine becoming a bird in the sky and looking down onto my insignificant little worries down on the ground. I have built sandcastle after sandcastle getting rid of my stresses and have used the magical sack to get rid of fears or strong emotions many times now. Thank you for these beautiful and strong visualizations!

—Jane from Mississauga




To Angelika,

My husband and I are both very grateful for your Insomnia CD. We use it most nights and drift off to sleep very quickly. With your sessions you have made me become more aware of what I am grateful for. That has shifted my focus not just before I go to sleep at night but also when I am awake. The words from the CD will now pop into my mind even during the day “Life is unfolding perfectly, according to divine order and timing, independent of your doing… And now your inner voice is telling you to relax, to adapt, to let go of all stresses, worries, limiting beliefs, and to trust that everything is working out the way it is supposed to be.” I am adapting that attitude more and more. Thank you for guiding me onto that path!

—Barbara from Mississauga





I did have my root canal today. I was quite worried the days leading up to it, but I used your CDs which helped me and I did put the tracks on my ipod for today and it was an enormous help! Between your CD and the homeopathic remedies I took, it went very well! It actually felt like I fell asleep for most of it, but I know I was just really tuned into your voice. Thank you so much for the CD! Thanks again Angelika…your relaxation methods are really helping me!

—A.M. from Brampton


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