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Inner Child Meditation    $14.94

Inner Child 12 upset

On this CD you will find two different inner child meditations which have been combined with beautiful music. The first meditation is based on the inner child meditation my good friend Darryl Gurney developed for his Shadow Energetics workshop. This first meditation guides you to meet your inner child, talk to her or him, to switch places with your inner child and to hear what you need to hear.

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The Key of Forgiveness    $20.00

Key of forgiveness

Forgiving does not mean forgetting. It simply means taking back the energy that you had tied up with feelings for someone else. You have bound yourself together with that person through your own thoughts and feelings of hurt, blame, anger and judgment. Forgiveness is the gift that you give yourself that frees you from the pain of the past. Forgiveness is a choice to release, to let go, freeing up the energy that binds you and prevents you from moving forward into a truly happy life. Forgiving is “for-giving” yourself, love and freedom.

The second meditation takes you back in time to different younger selves. It also guides you to communicate with your future self as your mentor.


Relationship Meditations    $14.94

Relationship Meditations 2

For this project I have collaborated with my partner and daughter. This CD contains 3 different meditations to heal relationships with our romantic partners, family, friends and even people we have never met. These meditations invite to shift your perspective, take responsibility for our actions, forgive and let go, and love others and ourselves with all our cracks and imperfections. You are being guided into a meditative state by both our voices and will be able to enjoy my daughter’s chanting of the Ho’oponopono phrases.

Two of the CDs from this collection you can also purchase separately below:

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Ho’oponopono Meditation    $6.94

Ho'oponopono Meditation

Hoʻoponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. We can use this prayer or ritual to forgive and let go, and to raise our vibration to a vibration of love. With the Ho’oponopono prayer we take responsibility for whatever we are experiencing in our life. It is a spiritual truth that everything that shows up in our lives is there for a reason and for our highest good, even if we don’t see it at the time. It is also a spiritual belief that before we started this life we chose the major events of our lives. Sometimes this has brought us pain. However, many of our greatest insights come from painful experiences and we have the chance to grow from those experiences. With this meditation we are making peace with people and situations that have brought us pain, anger, resentment or other difficulties. We can include people close to us or someone we have not even met but whose actions have affected us in some way.

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Embracing Imperfections (Meditation)    $6.94

Embracing Imperfections

Each relationship with another person is a journey which also contains moments of disillusionment. We have the choice to allow the loss of our illusions to make us cynical, or to give ourselves permission to lead relationships which are more real. This meditation guides you to embrace your own and other people’s imperfections and fall in love with the “cracks” in each other and ourselves.

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Spring Equinox Meditation CD       $6.94

Spring Equinox CD

Spring Equinox is the time of new birth and renewal. It is the optimum time to plant a personal garden within your being, to make a new start, to create an image in your mind of what you want to see in your life. In this 25 minute long meditation you will be setting clear intentions so you can manifest the future you want to have.



Get Rid of Insomnia   $15.00

Angelika’s soothing voice guides you on this 30 minute CD into a deep relaxing sleep.

Letting Go of Stress   $14.94

Letting Go of Stress

Visualization is the language of the subconscious mind. This 65 minute long CD offers two different and beautiful ways of releasing stress , negative thoughts and stressful emotions from our lives.

Deep Relaxation   $15.00

Learn to let go of stress, breathe relaxation into your body and be in control of your life with this CD offering two tracks to choose from.

Weight Loss  $15.00

This 40 minute CD supports you in getting rid of extra weight and teaches your subconscious that weight reduction is fun and easy.

Staying Young  $15.00

Support your efforts to stay young and healthy with this CD guiding you to adjust your hormonal levels and visualize yourself as beautiful.

Improve Your Golf Game   $15.00

Golf is 80% a mental game and your performance can be improved significantly by visualizing your game at home and getting into the right mind frame. Also, as an extra bonus, this CD contains a 15 minute track for use just before that next important golf game.

Enjoy Flying   $15.00

With Hypnosis, fears and phobias can be lessened or eliminated. This 27 minute long CD guides you into visualizing your next air trip, staying calm and relaxed, and really enjoying your flight.

Relaxed at the Dentist & Stop Teeth Grinding   $15.00

Learn to enjoy a visit to your dentist as a deeply relaxing fear-free experience with the help of this 32 minute long CD. Bonus track: Does your dentist recommend a mouth guard because you grind your teeth? Try 20 minutes of hypnosis before going to sleep to stop teeth grinding at night.

Relaxed through a Colonoscopy   $15.00

This CD helps you to go through a colonoscopy staying calm and relaxed, and to focus on health. It also features breathing exercises and new relaxation tracks like the 7 Door Deepener.

Stressfree Conception   $20.00

A hypnosis CDs to conceive for clients who come for fertility sessions. Bonus track: a beautiful fertility chant.

Hypnosis for Fertility   $20.00

Another hypnosis CDs to fascilitate a relaxed conception. Includes a beautiful fertility chant as a bonus track.

Preparing for Birth   $20.00

This 70 minute long CD contains many hypnotic comfort techniques to practise and other relaxation pieces that prepare you perfectly for a normal, natural and easy birth of your baby.

Hypnosis for Birth   $20.00

This 80 minute long CD continues the calming relaxing techniques from the CD “Preparing for Birth”. It also contains a 30 minute long deepener to use on the actual date of your baby’s birth.


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