Hypnosis and Laser Acupuncture Help with Weight Loss and Diabetes

Canada is one of the countries amongst the 30 OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) member countries with the highest prevalence of diabetes. Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in Canada. In Ontario, there are approximately 1.2 million people with diabetes.

A known cause of diabetes is being overweight. “Furthermore, it is compulsively shown that diabetes, in a significant percentage of the population, can be prevented and/or reversed by achieving and maintaining a reasonably healthy weight.” (C. Devin Hastings, Journal of Hypnotism, March 2014)

What does Hypnosis have to do with weight loss and diabetes? To lose weight easily and effortlessly, we need to have supportive beliefs in place. Hypnosis is proven to help people make positive changes to their lifestyle by changing their beliefs, thoughts and habits. Hypnotic suggestions therefore effectively support your weight loss efforts. In addition, a healthy night’s sleep is essential to weight loss. Hypnosis is an excellent way to help you relax and sleep better.

Hypnosis can also be combined with laser acupuncture. Research has shown that stimulating specific acupuncture points in the ear will suppress your appetite and cravings and enhance your current diet and exercise program. Low level laser treatments are safe and effective. They speed up your metabolism, decrease your appetite, control your hunger cravings, and increase your endorphin levels: the natural “feel good” hormones in the body.

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Permission to Shine Your Light

A very special friend of mine went through an incredible transformation over the last 29 months. She had surgery and lost an unbelievable amount of weight. I am very proud of her. However, it makes me even happier to see that she has completely transformed her entire life. She has undergone a huge inner transformation.

She was always very beautiful. Her amazing smile and her sparkling eyes make you stop and look at her. She can make you feel truly seen. She has always had a huge capacity for love, a heart which she keeps wide open. She is one of those people who drop everything to help somebody else.

Like so many of us, she learned as a little girl that her needs don’t matter. And because she was this loving little spirit, she did the next-best thing she could and she began to look after other people’s needs. She learned her needs will never be met, so she decided that she might as well take care of other people’s happiness.

She went through life with this open heart but also a great bit of sadness. The beliefs “I don’t matter” and “I don’t deserve to look after myself” began to manifest in putting on more and more weight over the years. She smiled but inside, she felt lonely. She had abandoned herself by putting all her energy into pleasing others. The little girl inside was crying silently in despair while she carried a brave smile on the outside.

Now her smile is even more beautiful than ever before, because she has learned to love herself. Her smile is full of joy and self-love. Loving yourself comes with saying no and setting boundaries. It comes with not always dropping everything for others. It means not taking responsibility for other people’s happiness but showing them how to find their own happiness. It means shining your own light and giving others permission to do the same.

In spiritual circles, we are so often told that we should love others unconditionally. Yet, the second commandment is, “You shall love your neighbour as yourself.” (NAS, Mark 12:28-31) The step to first love yourself is usually forgotten.

Loving others unconditionally is not possible unless you love yourself unconditionally. Loving yourself means knowing that you deserve that your needs are met. It means approving of you the way you are, instead of changing for others. It means listening to your needs and feelings and addressing them. It means surrounding yourself with people who care about your needs.

Ironically enough, those people who feel we shouldn’t have needs are the same people who are quick to call us selfish when we do stand up and say no to being their doormat. Because we might not be used to expressing our needs, we sometimes wait until we are a worn-down doormat. We wait until the proverbial last drop, and at that point we might become emotional, or demand that our needs be met. The people in our life sense that we do not feel we deserve to have needs. They respond to that energy of not deserving that we send out and therefore judge us for having needs.

However, once we have learned to love ourselves, we stand up right away and say ‘no’ calmly and lovingly, without a dramatic or emotional reaction. We know that we need not explain or defend ourselves. We make sure that we have time for ourselves. We make sure we do not get worn out in service for others. We make sure that we are truly happy and joyful every moment of every day.

Can you truly claim, “The people in my life care about meeting my needs?”

If you cannot say this, take a look at your subconscious beliefs. Do you feel your needs are not important? Do you feel you cannot expect your partner, or other people close to you, to acknowledge and meet your needs? Do you lovingly acknowledge and meet other people’s needs, or is there resentment because you feel you always have to put others first?

As you take care of yourself, of your inner child and her needs, you step into your more authentic self. You are able to live from love rather than a feeling of unworthiness. You can shine your light and be creative, full of joy, and brilliant in all sorts of ways. You can be the true goddess that you are.


Psych-K® helps to shift limiting beliefs and Shadow Energetics assists in embracing your light shadow, all those characteristics you admire in others but that you have not had the courage to bring out in yourself, yet.



How Your Beliefs Sabotage Your Weight Loss

Do you find that you start on a new diet or exercise regime and then give up half way through?  Have you repeatedly sabotaged your efforts to be slim, trim and healthy?

Science has shown that 85% of the choices we make and the actions we take are made by our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind operates on the premise to protect us, based on beliefs that we have often learned at a very young age.

If your subconscious believes that it is hard and unpleasant to lose weight, that you can’t lose weight, that change is scary or that somehow it is safer for you to remain overweight, then that is what will be true for you. Until these old beliefs are changed at a subconscious level, they can continue to sabotage your weight loss and exercise goals.

I invite you to take a look at what you were feeling and thinking just before you sabotaged your last diet or stopped exercising.

Also ask yourself honestly:

What does the weight allow me to do?

What could be a negative consequence of losing weight?

What does the weight prevent me from doing?


You might be surprised that your answers are along the lines of

“I don’t have to move forward with my life.”

“My sister / friend / mother etc. accepts and likes me this way.”

“I don’t have to be intimate.”

Don’t judge yourself and dismiss the idea if something comes up that seems “silly.” Go with your first insight or feeling; you will be on the right track to discover how your subconscious is trying to protect you.

Some examples of limiting beliefs could be:

– “I have always been overweight.” or “It runs in my family to be overweight.”

– “Wanting to be slim and fit means I am immoral / superficial etc.”

– “People close to me will be jealous and not like me anymore when I am skinny.”

– “I don’t deserve to take care of myself.”

Uncovering these limiting beliefs, understanding them and clearing them out with techniques like Hypnosis and/or Psych-K® makes a huge difference in being able to attain your goals for a healthy happy life and maintaining your ideal weight.


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Stephanie Lowe of Destiny Fitness will also cover some key exercise and meditation strategies you can use toward your success.

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Emotional Triggers for Overeating and How PSYCH-K® and Hypnosis Can Help

It is 9 o’clock at night; you are finally relaxing, maybe sitting in front of the TV. All day long you have made reasonable eating choices, you had dinner and you are not really hungry. However, something drives you to go to the fridge or cupboard and look for a snack. You know the snack will make you feel better, it will help you to relax, be a nice reward or distraction.

This is the moment to stop right there and ask yourself what negative emotion you are trying to distract yourself from. What were you just feeling before you got up to go to the fridge?

Your response might be to say, I felt bored, or I felt tired, or I felt like I needed a treat. But we might have to go deeper to really understand and eliminate the emotional trigger.

Emotional eating is one of the biggest sabotaging factors when losing weight or maintaining your ideal weight. As long as your subconscious does not support you fully in your health goals and operates on limiting beliefs losing weight and maintaining that weight might always be a struggle.

Such limiting beliefs are:

I need my comfort foods.

I am always hungry.

Eating is a good distraction from negative feelings.

Eating makes me feel good (safe / comforted / happy / loved / calm like me / relaxed… etc.)

These beliefs can be re-programmed using Psych-K® and/or Hypnosis with supportive beliefs like:

I easily let go of all emotional reasons for overeating.

I am free of emotional eating.

I stop and think before I eat.

I distinguish clearly between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

I satisfy my emotional hunger in appropriate ways.

When I am tired, I rest.

When I feel sad, I…

When I feel scared, I…

When I am bored I always find something better to do than to eat.

If you want to find out more about techniques to eliminate limiting beliefs and emotions that lead to emotional eating come to a

FREE Seminar on PSYCH-K® and Limiting Beliefs around WEIGHT LOSS and EXERCISING

I will be speaking to limiting beliefs, fears, challenges we face and how we can change that “self talk” at the subconscious level to better serve our health and weight loss goals!

Stephanie Lowe of Destiny Fitness will also cover some key exercise and meditation strategies you can use toward your success.

Wednesday, April 24th from 7:00pm to shortly after 8:00pm.

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Healthy Weight Loss and Exercise

Can you honestly say “I love to exercise”? Would you like to feel that way?

Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes? Or do you need to lose weight? In both cases, healthy weight loss should go hand in hand with exercising.

Coaching helps you to understand your emotional triggers for making unhealthy eating choices. Hypnosis and Psych-K® help to eliminate those triggers and give you beliefs that support healthy weight loss and motivate you to exercise.

The first thing that your subconscious mind is beginning to accept in Hypnosis is that in order to lose weight, you are going to be burning off more calories than you take in. We shift your thinking from “I have to exercise” to “I love to exercise.” Hypnosis and Psych-K® help you to feel that exercising is fun, easy and effortless.

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Do you want to learn how to succeed at losing weight and how to keep it off for good?

Educational Seminar “Exercising for Weight Loss”

Stephanie Lowe and Chris Williams of Destiny Fitness Studio will be discussing how and why we store fat and how and why nutrition and effective exercise for weight loss gets rid of it. They help you put together your individual exercise routine for weight loss.

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Does Hypnosis Work for Weight Loss?

Hypnosis is not magic. It will not magically make you lose weight. However, it is – similar to Psych-K® – a fabulous technique to get into your subconscious mind and to give you the beliefs that make healthy weight loss easy and fun.

How does hypnosis for weight loss work?

Hypnosis for exercising is part of the hypnosis weight loss program. Another part is setting realistic goals. And last but not least, examining how and why you might have sabotaged yourself in the past. Based on those insights we re-program all old limiting beliefs around weight loss and your own abilities into positive supportive beliefs that help you reach your ideal weight and health.

Psych-K® and Hypnosis put you in control of your life. Food has no business controlling your life. From now on, you make the choices; you set healthy boundaries to have your needs met in a healthy way. You choose the freedom to live the healthy lifestyle you really desire, being slim and trim, feeling absolutely fabulous.

Is it one of your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight effectively and get in shape in 2013? I can help you.

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