Clearing the Energy Between Two People

The couple is standing about 18 inches apart from each other. Each of them has their left hand over their heart and their right and on top of the partner’s hand. They are connected through a heart to heart link with each other.

Hands Over Heart

She says to him a couple of times, “I forgive you completely and I am sorry” and a smile shows up on his face. He quips, “I need to hear that one more”, making a reference to what they have joked about before: she does not find it easy to say sorry. Good-naturedly, she keeps repeating the phrase until the respective chakra shows a clear and harmonious energy. Whatever it was—that one or both needed to let go—has energetically been released to clear the solar plexus chakra.

They previously had transpersonally aligned their seven chakras and I muscles tested each chakra in relationship to each other. A couple of chakras for each of them showed distorted energy. That is not unusual. Issues arise in every day life and affect the energy between us. Perhaps an issue causes us to feel unsupported (root chakra) or unable to express ourselves (throat chakra). For some people almost every chakra is energetically “off”. The Relationship Alignment is not always an experience of good-naturedly teasing each other like in the case of this very conscious couple. Frequently tears flow or resistance can show up in regards to a particular issue.

Very often both people aren’t able or willing to come in together for a session. In that case, another person can—with the permission of the Higher Self—stand in for the absent partner. The Relationship Allignment can be done just as effectively with a stand-in.

The stand-in experience itself is utterly fascinating. Often the stand-in partner is able to pick up on physical or emotional issues of the person they are substituting for. They can feel how that person feels. The alignment is just as intense and it feels as real for the client who is personally present. A frequent response of my clients is, “Oh, my God, it felt like I was really looking into my father’s (mother’s, sister’s, ex-husband’s etc) eyes!”

The Relationship Alignment can be done for relationship partners, other family members, friends or even somebody distant like your boss. Where ever there is disharmonious energy between two people it is worth checking if a Relationship Alignment might help.

Sometimes our loved one has died before we were able to heal the relationship. A stand-in can also be used for somebody who has already passed on. Beautiful healing can still be brought to relationships and the person left behind through this process. In fact, some of the most touching moment’s I have experienced as a facilitator or stand-in took place when healing issues beyond the physical death of one person.


Is there a relationship you would like to heal or improve?

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