What I can learn from my dog

Do you have a dog? We have a part-time dog. We are fortunate enough to dog-sit on a regular basis and are able to be a part of the life of this amazing creature called Teika. She is a beautiful two-year-old sheltie.

Whenever she leaves after a visit of a few days the energy in the house is noticeably different. We miss the tap tap tap tap… tap tap tap tap… of four little paws following us around curiously. We miss her head appearing around the corner and her brown eyes gazing up to us trustingly. We miss her playfulness. Most of all,we miss her loving energy.

She is always up for play, or for a walk. When it is hot, she finds a place in the shade to plop down and just relax. She has never once said no to being lovingly caressed. She knows how to give and receive love with an open heart.

She is never upset about something that has happened in the past, and never worries about the future. She is always fully present with us, right here, right now.

That ability to just “be” in the present moment without “baggage from the past” is the greatest gift she gives us. She teaches us to let go and fully enjoy life. She truly lives in the moment.

Being in the moment is true freedom. The past only has the power over us to the degree we allow it to have power over us. If we live in regret, resentment, un-forgiveness or anger we are stuck in the past. If we allow anxiety to take over it’s because we are worrying about the future.

What if you could completely let go of the past like your dog? What if you could relax feeling that your future is going to turn out perfectly? What if instead of racing towards some imaginative finish line you could slow down just like your dog and be truly present?

Do you want to live more in the moment and let go of everything that does not serve you anymore?


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