A Natural and Gentle Transition Through Menopause

In most cases, menopause or “the change of life” is not a condition that requires drugs or HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). It is one of life’s natural transitions, just like birth, puberty, pregnancy and death. It is a gradual process which begins 3-5 years (or longer) before the final menstrual period occurs. Once a woman has not had her period for a year, menopause is considered complete.

There are many natural ways of supporting yourself during this transition. Your diet, your life style, and your mental and emotional states are all important factors in how you experience this time in your life: whether you will suffer or can smoothly and easily move through it.

Menopause is strongly connected to adrenal glandular function. Weak adrenal glands are the reason for hot flashes, depression, fatigue, nervousness, irritability, anxiety, memory difficulties, problems with blood sugar levels, and loss of libido.

Physical and emotional stress weakens the adrenals. Is your diet high in fried foods, processed foods, soft drinks, refined carbohydrates or white sugar? Do you smoke, drink, or take other drugs? Do you work long hours under fluorescent lights? Do you experience emotional or psychological stress?

It is therefore important to change your lifestyle and learn to relax. Physical exercise, a healthy diet and, most of all, a healthy state of mind are imperative.

The best way to allow the adrenals to recover is to change your diet. Beyond what you “put into your body,” it is as important what you “put into your mind.” What is your mind set; what stressful programs are you running and how do they make you feel?

It might not always be possible to reduce the stressors in your environment. However, it is always possible to change how you feel about something. Hypnosis provides an excellent stress reduction technique. Both hypnosis and Psych-K® are techniques to access the subconscious mind and to change our beliefs and thoughts. By changing our beliefs, we can change how we think and feel about certain situations and people. We gain the freedom to respond differently to outside stressors.

The more you can welcome and embrace this natural change in your life, the smoother the transition will be. Rather than regarding it as a loss of youth, why not welcome menopause into your life as a joyful new period, the beginning of a new freedom from your menstrual cycle? You can let go of fears of getting pregnant; there is no more need for birth control. Most women find that their problems with painful cramps, uterine fibroids, and headaches disappear. In fact, many women describe a surge of physical and psychological energy at that time. You can look forward to an energetic, active, worry-free and healthy period in your life.

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Traditional Chinese medicine balances the entire body and helps you naturally with herbs. For more information on herbal treatments and acupuncture, contact David Lloyd, R.Ac, R.TCMP.

HYPNOSIS FOR BIRTH: Comfort Techniques

Do you believe that childbirth has to be painful?

We have been brainwashed by movies and by what people tell us into believing that giving birth has to be utterly painful. It has been suggested to us that labour is often an unmanageable experience without modern drugs. Yet, for centuries, women have been giving birth naturally.

There are several comfort techniques I teach women when they come for Hypnosis for Birth.

  1. Trance

Entering into a deep relaxation and trance state in itself is a comfort technique. The muscles in the body release their tension.


  1. Relaxed Muscles

All pain has a muscle-tension component, because this is how we guard against the pain. It is never an effective method to fight the discomfort. Relaxing into the pain makes it easier to cope.


  1. Breathing

Using different techniques to shifting from shallow breaths to slower, deeper breaths allows us to relax.


  1. Dissociation

“Stepping outside of your body” and going somewhere else in your mind, for example to a place you love, is a common technique. Some women feel like they are watching themselves have their baby. Dissociation is very powerful.


  1. Distance

We can get quite creative about distancing ourselves from discomfort, for example by putting the discomfort inside a box, a closet, or somewhere in your special relaxing place. Some women put a buffer between themselves and their perception of the discomfort, for example a plexiglass or plaster wall.


  1. Reframing/Substituting an Alternative Awareness

Another important way of changing the experience is reframing it from pain to discomfort or even something more comfortable like pressure, stretching, burning, warmth, tingling or numbness.


  1. Moving the discomfort to another part of your body

Bringing discomfort from deep inside your body up to the surface and letting it evaporate, or letting it flow down into your legs and into the earth helps to let go of the discomfort.


  1. Fast Time – Slow Time

Speeding up time during the contraction and slowing it down during the rest periods is a technique some women find very helpful. Time is to a great extent perception and we can alter our perception.


  1. Changing the image of the discomfort

Depending on how you perceive it in your mind, discomfort has an image: a size, colour, shape, temperature, even a consistency and density. By changing the image, we can change the discomfort to comfort. A hard, red, spiky and hot ball can, for example, turn into a pink, soft, warm and smooth ball.

In the same way you can change the image of a feeling, even uneasiness can be turned to calm and peace through imagery.


  1. Drawing in comfortable feelings

A simple breathing technique is drawing the feelings from the most comfortable part of your body and sending the comfort to the part of your body where it is needed most.


  1. Reminding yourself of the positive aspects of birth

What you tell yourself about the birthing experience is extremely important. You are the only thinker in your reality. Remind yourself that every contraction is good because it brings you closer to holding your baby.


  1.  Closing the “Gate”

Closing a “gate” to the uncomfortable middle section of the body and turning on the endorphin tap brings relief as well.


  1.  Analgesia

Learning to create numbness in your hand and transferring the numbness to other parts of your body, including your mid-section, is a technique some women get very good at.


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When somebody calls me up for a free consultation regarding past life hypnosis, one concern that sometimes comes up is, “Will it work?”

The secret to a successful past life regression is to let go and allow the images to flow. The more you can simply relax, trust and permit the story to tell itself, the smoother the experience. Doubt or worry blocks the flow. The time for analyzing is AFTER the regression is over. During hypnosis, it is best to simply go with what comes up.

A past life regression is a two hour session. After an initial talk about hypnosis, I begin by guiding you into a slight trance state, and we go back to two childhood memories. The childhood memories are an intermediate step. We are looking for happy or positive experiences as a child, not traumatic ones. Our goal, after all, is to go back to past lives and not to clear out traumas from this life.

We then relax you even further and regress back to past lives. I always aim for two past lives in the same session, as the lives often have the same topic or answer the same questions. Another benefit of going back to more than one life is that the second life very often comes up as more detailed. After having accessed one past life successfully, you realize that your concerns were unnecessary. It does work! You will relax even deeper and the second past life can flow in even more effortlessly.

As fascinating as it is to know what past lives we have had, the purpose of a past life regression is to gain insights for this life. We will examine what you have learned in those incarnations. The essential question is, “How does knowing about these past lives help me in my CURRENT life?” Your subconscious allows you to open the door to two past lives which are relevant for you now. It gives you the answers you seek to questions you might—or might not—consciously be aware of. All you need to do is allow the information to flow in.

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The Magic Potion to Create Harmonious and Loving Relationships

Are you struggling with your relationship with a particular family member, perhaps with a parent, sibling or child?

Is your marriage or partnership not harmonious or truly loving?

Are you single and do you want to attract a romantic relationship into your life?

Are you getting separated or divorced, and do you want the transition to be as positive as possible?


If I had a magic potion and could give you the relationships you want, what would that look like?

Guess what! YOU have that magic potion yourself. You can create relationships that unfold with ease, joy, and grace. Your relationships can be filled with love, harmony, peace, happiness, and acceptance. Even your relationship with an ex-partner can be cooperative and friendly.

All you have to do is mix your magic potion in the right way; the basic ingredients are working on your own beliefs, thoughts and feelings, and embodying loving kindness, forgiveness and acceptance.

We can never change another person but we can change ourselves. As you change your perception of the relationship you have to another person—as you shift how you feel about him/her and what he/she did—your entire experience changes.

The people we love are usually the best mirrors for us. They bring to our awareness issues we need to work on within ourselves. We can then shift out of judgment and into acceptance. As we confront and befriend the shadows they are showing us in our own being, we no longer get triggered by those loved ones.

Behind every experience there are beliefs and expectations.

If I judge a family member or partner, the relationship will lack mutual acceptance, appreciation and love. The change begins with me changing my judgments and feelings.

If I believe that I am not lucky with romantic relationships, “not being lucky” will be exactly the experience I have. The change starts with moving into a new expectation.

If I view my ex-partner as an enemy, the relationship will be one of disharmony. Change can happen when I am willing to let go of the past  and expect the best now and in the future.

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De-cluttering Our Home and Our Mind

With the New Year, the urge to “sweep out old energy” and to make room for the new came in strongly. I usually get a desire to de-clutter at the end of each year but this time around the de-cluttering took on a scope like never before.

We sold the old sofa, bought a new sofa, gave away other furniture, rearranged several rooms, gave away boxes and boxes of books (we are all avid readers) and we were also finally all ready to part with old toys.


De-cluttering brought up a lot of emotions. When we let go of the old and move into a new phase, we leave our comfort zone. Giving away many of my daughters’ toys brought up happy childhood memories for all of us, and the realization that there is no stopping the growing-up process.

For my older daughter, who is done with school soon, it was emotional to give away old books, as it reminded her of the countless hours of reading together, and of feeling loved, safe and taken care of. Life had a predictable structure back then, while now her future is wide open.

For my younger daughter, the tears welled up when she was sorting through her stuffed animal collection and giving away half of them. “After all,” she said, “all stuffed animals need someone to love them.”

And I, myself, had to fight the urge to keep everything “for my grandchildren.” I had to remind myself that before I have grandchildren, many other adventures and projects await me. That energy needs space and room to manifest in my house and in my mind.

There was a lot of dust in the air when we moved things around. However, my dust allergy only kicked in as I was going through old books, especially those that I had used to teach and home-school my older daughter during another time of transition and great change in our lives. I found that interesting, considering that allergies are an over-response of our immune system to something quite harmless which it perceives as a danger. My body was clearly communicating a fear to me, while another part of me felt ready to overcome that fear of what only appears to be dangerous.


For all of us, the resistance to let go wasn’t about the things themselves; it was about the feelings that they bring up in us. It was about moving forward, letting go of what is familiar and therefore feels safe. Unless we let go and fully live in the present with courage, we cannot create anything new. This requires moving out of our comfort zone and allowing ourselves to feel that the future is bright and exciting.


De-cluttering your house therefore goes hand in hand with de-cluttering your mind. In fact, they both feed off each other. Beliefs and thoughts which we must allow to grow when de-cluttering our environment and our minds are:

– Change is safe and exciting.

– I thrive on change.

– I welcome change and growth.

– I joyfully release the past and expect the best now and in the future.

– I embrace new energy and new opportunities.

– I make room for the new.

– I stop waiting for __________ and create the life I want NOW!

– I attract wonderful new experiences, people and things into my life.


The house now feels airier and lighter. There is an atmosphere of bubbly excitement. It filled us with expectancy and anticipation for fabulous and wonderful new things to come in 2014.


Do you want to de-clutter your mind and your surroundings?

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