What message does my headache have for me?

Headaches or even migraines seem to be a common complaint from many people. We can just take a pill and suppress the symptoms or we can listen to the mind-body dialogue that is going on with each physical issue that occurs.

If you suffer from headaches that regularly occur or are particularly severe, have them checked out. You can also help yourself. Keep a food diary to find out if there is a connection between the headache and what you put into your body. Also monitor your thoughts and feelings. A journal helps to find out what particular thoughts, stories and emotions are going on prior to the headaches.

A good question to ask for headaches is, “Am I spending too much time in my head instead of in my heart?” and “Am I trying too hard to be perfect?”

Deb Shapiro outlines 7 different causes for headaches in her book “Your Body Speaks Your Mind”:

1.    Too Much Time Spent in Your Head

2.    Pushing Yourself to Achieve

3.    Repressed Feelings

Emotions—especially feelings of anger, resentment, frustration or anxiety—rise up from the subconscious into the head: they are a built up energy.

4.    Rigid Personality

Do you tend to be stubborn, intolerant or controlling?

5.    Avoidance Behaviour

The headache is “a way out.”

6.    Lack of Exercise (lack of oxygen in the blood)

7.    Food or Chemical Allergy

Like with any illness or physical issue that shows up, we have to keep in mind that our body is our friend trying to help us. Contemplate what this illness or pain is preventing you from doing and/or having? Also be honest with yourself about how this issue is serving you. Are you for example getting rest or attention that you feel you would under other circumstances not get?



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