Does Past Life Therapy Prove That Reincarnation Exists?

Last week, I was called up by a high school student who had to write an essay for anthropology about Reincarnation. Considering that this was a Catholic student, her questions were phrased from a specific perspective and based on the teachings of the Catholic church. I would like to answer some of her queries in this blog that reflect what many people wonder about.

1.   How does past-life regression work? How is it able to reach into one’s soul and be able to reveal who they were in the past?

Past Life Regression works through hypnosis. The past life memories are stored in the subconscious mind and can be accessed in a hypnotic state.

2.    How does one’s realization of a past life affect their choices in the present?

Past Life Therapy focuses on what a person has learned in a past life. “How did I gain or grow, what could I have done better, and how can those insights help me in my present life?”

Sometimes there is a “carryover” from a past life. We are still struggling with the same lessons, or we brought issues we had with certain people in the past into this life with us.

3.    Because past-life regression is able to reveal an individual’s past life, is this proof of reincarnation?

No, it isn’t. However, Past Life Therapy does not try to prove whether we reincarnate, or not. Even if the story that is coming up from the subconscious mind could be a metaphor of our deeper mind to help us, it has great value as it answers our questions and deeper concerns. Countless times I have seen how emotionally healing, cleansing, and freeing a past life regression is for most people. It leads to new understanding that can be applied to our present life.

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