Healthy Weight Loss and Exercise

Can you honestly say “I love to exercise”? Would you like to feel that way?

Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes? Or do you need to lose weight? In both cases, healthy weight loss should go hand in hand with exercising.

Coaching helps you to understand your emotional triggers for making unhealthy eating choices. Hypnosis and Psych-K® help to eliminate those triggers and give you beliefs that support healthy weight loss and motivate you to exercise.

The first thing that your subconscious mind is beginning to accept in Hypnosis is that in order to lose weight, you are going to be burning off more calories than you take in. We shift your thinking from “I have to exercise” to “I love to exercise.” Hypnosis and Psych-K® help you to feel that exercising is fun, easy and effortless.

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Do you want to learn how to succeed at losing weight and how to keep it off for good?

Educational Seminar “Exercising for Weight Loss”

Stephanie Lowe and Chris Williams of Destiny Fitness Studio will be discussing how and why we store fat and how and why nutrition and effective exercise for weight loss gets rid of it. They help you put together your individual exercise routine for weight loss.

When: Saturday, February 2nd at 1:00pm

Where: Destiny Fitness

224-A Queen Street South

Mississauga (Streetsville)

416-705-0385 or 416-818-7837


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