Can a Past Life Regression Help Me?

Sometimes clients come to me for a past life regression just out of curiosity — or so they think. I just smile and wait what past life stories come up.

In my experience, there is always an important insight they take away from the two past lives they have seen in hypnosis. Questions like “What did you learn in the past life? How did you grow? What could you have done better?” and most of all, “How does this help you in your current life?” are pertinent. The regression to the past strengthens our belief in reincarnation and allows us to gain a deep wisdom and understanding that goes beyond our current experience.

Having facilitated past life regressions since 2005, I have seen countless times how regression therapy helps many people to heal relationships, emotional distress, and even physical symptoms. We bring back a lesson from another reality that allows us to see the events in this life in a different light, and helps us to solve a problem, heal an emotional wound or a physical issue.

Even though I would recommend to do past life therapy in person, it is also possible to do a past life regression session over Skype, especially if you are unable to travel to my location in Mississauga, Ontario.

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