Healthy Weight Loss and Exercise

Can you honestly say “I love to exercise”? Would you like to feel that way?

Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes? Or do you need to lose weight? In both cases, healthy weight loss should go hand in hand with exercising.

Coaching helps you to understand your emotional triggers for making unhealthy eating choices. Hypnosis and Psych-K® help to eliminate those triggers and give you beliefs that support healthy weight loss and motivate you to exercise.

The first thing that your subconscious mind is beginning to accept in Hypnosis is that in order to lose weight, you are going to be burning off more calories than you take in. We shift your thinking from “I have to exercise” to “I love to exercise.” Hypnosis and Psych-K® help you to feel that exercising is fun, easy and effortless.

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Do you want to learn how to succeed at losing weight and how to keep it off for good?

Educational Seminar “Exercising for Weight Loss”

Stephanie Lowe and Chris Williams of Destiny Fitness Studio will be discussing how and why we store fat and how and why nutrition and effective exercise for weight loss gets rid of it. They help you put together your individual exercise routine for weight loss.

When: Saturday, February 2nd at 1:00pm

Where: Destiny Fitness

224-A Queen Street South

Mississauga (Streetsville)

416-705-0385 or 416-818-7837


Does Hypnosis Work for Dental Anxiety?

Imagine lying in the dental chair, deeply relaxed and comfortable, losing track of time and just enjoying how good you feel. You are aware that the dentist is working in your mouth but you are not aware of any sensation of pain. For you, the visit to the dentist is like visiting a spa.

Just a dream? Not at all! With hypnosis you can make the visits to the dentist a positive and relaxing experience. You will be able to decline traditional pain medication because you are in a nice comfortable hypnotic trance, experiencing the treatments as quite pleasant.

Are you scared of the dentist? Or do you even have a phobia of the dentist? You are not alone. Dentophobia is the fear of the dentist and dental treatments in general. The fear can stem from past negative experiences and is often connected to the pain associated with dentistry. Hypnosis can help you overcome that fear for once and for all!

Do you grind your teeth? Bruxism, the unconscious habit of clenching or grinding your teeth, especially during the night, is another condition for which hypnosis is valuable. The teeth grinding leads to attrition, the premature wearing down of the enamel of your teeth. Side effects can also be jaw pain and migraines due to the straining of the temporal and mandibular muscles. Your dentist might recommend a night guard. Not everybody is comfortable wearing this mouth guard during the night. Why not reprogram the unwanted habit and reducing it with hypnosis?

For some people even the treatments by the dental hygienist are stressful and painful. This is another area were hypnosis can help you to be so comfortable that you can take care of your dental health.

Hypnosis for Dental Treatments

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How are other people “mirrors” for us?

When you open up to the idea that other people mirror issues for you, you are moving from blaming others to recognizing that they provide a learning experience for us.

Does your partner annoy you sometimes, or your sibling, or parent, or parent-in-law? Does your child trigger you? Why is that happening?

“She/he does not respect me!”

Really? Let’s turn this around and let’s see if it is as true to say. “I don’t respect myself” and “I don’t respect her/him.” This relationship might represent a lesson about self-respect and respect in general for us.

“My husband is too laid back. He is lazy.”

Do you ever allow yourself to be “lazy”, to relax and take breaks? Or are you driven to always perform, always have everything perfect and under control? He could be teaching you how do let go more, relax and enjoy your life.

“My four year old is so clingy and needy. She constantly needs attention.”

What is the four year old mirroring for you? Is she perhaps feeling your guilt about not being a good mother, or that you do not enjoy being with her because you feel weighed down by work and life in general? Does this clinginess annoy you so much because you perceive being needy and sensitive as a “fault” you have yourself? Did your own parents try to “fix” you instead of accepting you the way you were? Your child might be mirroring for you that you need to first accept yourself the way you are and then your child. She or he is perfect exactly as they are. When you shift from perceiving her as needing to be fixed to loving and truly accepting her, she will not need to be clingy anymore.

And what about the sulky rebellious teenager?

Is she mirroring for you that you expect teenager to be that way? Is she showing you your shadow sides, the characteristics that you don’t like about yourself and have suppressed? Is she yelling because she senses that you are not comfortable being the boss? Does she feel it is the only way you will listen? What is she mirroring for you about your own issues, doubts and fears?

There are many more questions we could ask, as each relationship is unique. The bottom line of all these questions is that there is a reason why that challenge exists and the mirror people show us is an opportunity to work on ourselves and to grow.

Coaching, Hypnosis and Psych-K® all include tools that can help you to embrace the opportunity and work on ourselves to shift any relationship to a better place. Contact me for a free consultation.


Forgiveness is a Gift That You Give Yourself

Forgiving does not mean to “forgive and forget.” It does not mean someone else was right in the way they acted towards us. It does not mean loving others; that may or may not happen. It just means finally letting go of an old painful “story”. It means taking back the energy that we have bound up with feelings we have about certain people. Forgiveness is not for the sake of the other person. Forgiving is “for – giving” yourself love and freedom.

Why should I forgive?

Forgiveness is the gift that you give yourself. As long as we hold grudges, resentments, shame or guilt, the energy of those feelings is poisoning us. These emotions draw our energy, cloud our minds, and give us physical pains. They are toxins. Forgiving yourself and others allows you to heal yourself. Forgiveness releases energy patterns from us that can otherwise cause illness or drain our energy.

How do I forgive?

Hypnosis, Psych-K®, and Holoenergetics®,  can help you to joyfully release the past and to forgive yourself and others. These techniques put you in a state in which you can focus on the now and expect the best for the present and for the future.

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How Does Hypnosis for Fertility Work?

Whether you are planning to conceive naturally or take the fertility clinic route, hypnosis significantly increases your success rate.

Hypnosis affects the hypothalamus, the neural centre at the base of the brain linked to the pituitary gland, and controls the flow of hormones in the body. The hypothalamus is sensitive to stress and acts as a bridge between the emotional and physical, turning emotional messages into physical responses that affect hormone levels.

Your subconscious mind is not trying to hinder you but to protect you from something that is perceived as traumatic or stressful. Your mind controls your physical body and will not allow you to get pregnant until it is fully convinced this is good for you.

Are you stressed in your job or in your private life?

Do you feel you have to be perfect and are you uncomfortable when you are not in control?

Do you hold fears about pregnancy, birth or being a parent?

Do you have negative experiences like miscarriages, abortions, sexual abuse or other past issues that won’t allow you to move on into a happy future?

All these issues can be a reason for “unexplained infertility”. They can all be addressed and eliminated with Hypnosis for Fertility and Psych-K®.

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Blessings or Curses?

Andrew Kaufmann has created five fascinating characters in his novel “Born Weird”. At birth, the five siblings from the Wyird family were all given a “blessing” by their grandmother, which in the end turns out to be a curse. “Bursings” as one character remarks at one point.

Richard, the oldest, has the gift of “self-preservation” to always keep himself safe. When we always play it safe, we cannot be vulnerable to open up to a fulfilling relationship.

Lucy, the second, has an unfailing sense of direction; she can never get lost. In return, she tries desperately to lose, whether that is jobs, or relationships, without ever being able to feel “lost”.

Angie, the third, always forgives. She has everybody walk all over her and take advantage of her.

Abba, the youngest girl, always hopes. Instead of being free to see the truth she is trapped in hope. Even what seems like such a great gift to begin with becomes a curse if we cannot learn to accept the things we cannot change.

Kent, the youngest of the siblings, is always strong. He is a fighter. With that fighting spirit the destructive element of anger goes hand in hand.


As quirky and as magical as this delightful novel is, its main charm lies in the element of truth.

We all have character traits, strengths and weaknesses, gifts and challenges, “blessing and curses,” we all are a bit “weird”. To be most successful, happy, and healthy we need to embrace them both to create a healthy balance. A balance between being safe and taking risks, between being “on course” and comfortable with being lost at times, being loving and forgiving yet setting clear boundaries for others, being hopeful but realistic, being strong yet soft.

The trick lies in recognizing them both, embracing your shadow side in the same way as your light and bringing them in harmony. What is it that you need to believe in to be most happy in your life?

Richard needs to believe that it is safe to open up to someone he loves.

Lucy has to experience that sometimes being lost is the only way to really find your true self. Being in love also means to relinquish control, to be lost in love at times.

Angie needs to calmly and lovingly set healthy boundaries for herself so other people respect her.

Abba could learn to be happy with what is instead of hoping for what is not.

Kent could embrace his pain and fear and shift from anger to love. Once he realizes being weak is not a weakness he can let go of his protective wall of anger.


Psych-K and hypnosis could help the Weird siblings. In what way are you a bit “weird”?  In how far are your blessings holding you back in life?

Find out in a free consultation how belief changing techniques such as Psych-K® and hypnosis can enrich your life.


Can a Past Life Regression Help Me?

Sometimes clients come to me for a past life regression just out of curiosity — or so they think. I just smile and wait what past life stories come up.

In my experience, there is always an important insight they take away from the two past lives they have seen in hypnosis. Questions like “What did you learn in the past life? How did you grow? What could you have done better?” and most of all, “How does this help you in your current life?” are pertinent. The regression to the past strengthens our belief in reincarnation and allows us to gain a deep wisdom and understanding that goes beyond our current experience.

Having facilitated past life regressions since 2005, I have seen countless times how regression therapy helps many people to heal relationships, emotional distress, and even physical symptoms. We bring back a lesson from another reality that allows us to see the events in this life in a different light, and helps us to solve a problem, heal an emotional wound or a physical issue.

Even though I would recommend to do past life therapy in person, it is also possible to do a past life regression session over Skype, especially if you are unable to travel to my location in Mississauga, Ontario.

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What is the Nocebo Effect?

Most of us have heard of the placebo effect, but do you know what the nocebo effect is?

The power of the placebo effect has been repeatedly proven. Bruce Lipton, for example, sites in his book “Biology of Belief” a “New England Journal of Medicine” study from 2002 on surgery for osteoarthritis of the knee.

The patients were divided into three groups. One group received real knee surgery, one group received no surgery and the placebo group received “fake” surgery. These patients in the last group believed they had been operated on.

The fascinating outcome is that the placebo group improved just as much as the group that received real surgery.

The nocebo effect is the exact opposite of the placebo effect. The nocebo effect occurs when the mind is engaged in negative beliefs and self-suggestions than damage the health of the person.

Bruce Lipton mentions the example of a patient who was falsely diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus, which in 1974 was considered 100% fatal. The patient died believing he was terminally ill.

Both the placebo and the nocebo effects show that the power of our mind is our real healing power. That is were Rob Williams technique PSYCH-K® comes in.

If you want to know more about reprogramming negative beliefs about your health and replacing them with positive beliefs using PSYCH-K®, or hypnosis contact

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Does Hypnosis Work for Weight Loss?

Hypnosis is not magic. It will not magically make you lose weight. However, it is – similar to Psych-K® – a fabulous technique to get into your subconscious mind and to give you the beliefs that make healthy weight loss easy and fun.

How does hypnosis for weight loss work?

Hypnosis for exercising is part of the hypnosis weight loss program. Another part is setting realistic goals. And last but not least, examining how and why you might have sabotaged yourself in the past. Based on those insights we re-program all old limiting beliefs around weight loss and your own abilities into positive supportive beliefs that help you reach your ideal weight and health.

Psych-K® and Hypnosis put you in control of your life. Food has no business controlling your life. From now on, you make the choices; you set healthy boundaries to have your needs met in a healthy way. You choose the freedom to live the healthy lifestyle you really desire, being slim and trim, feeling absolutely fabulous.

Is it one of your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight effectively and get in shape in 2013? I can help you.

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Healing Mother-Daughter Relationships

Lately, I have had an unusually high number of mothers and daughters come to me because they are struggling with their relationship.

Why is that?
Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have two daughters myself and I have great empathy for both positions. Maybe the beginning of the new year makes us re-assess our relationships. Maybe it has to do with the changing energies and the start of a new Baktun which brings with it a shift to more cooperation, sharing, love and nurturing.

Maybe it is due to the mother-daughter relationship being a very special one, one of the most important relationships we can have. If there are conflicts and disharmony, it can cause us great distress. If we are close and communicate well with each other, we experience great support and love beyond any other relationship we have.

There is nothing more touching than seeing a mother and a daughter hugging and crying at the end of a session because we have broken through their barriers of pain and fear. They realize they both wanted nothing more than love and respect from each other, and in the session they have taken steps—often made huge leaps—towards a loving and healthy mother-daughter relationship.

Sometimes only one of them comes, the mother or the daughter, because the other party is afraid or not willing to work on the relationship. However, just helping that one woman shift how she feels about the relationship itself and how she responds to the other woman has the power to completely change the relationship for the better.

How can the mother-daughter relationship be healed?
Processes from co-active coaching, Psych-K relationship balances, regression therapy, forgiveness work and many other techniques help to shift the energy and emotions between these two people and open up the doors for a much-improved relationship.

Whether you want to come together, or one of you alone, take the first step; be the change you want to see in the relationship!
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The Past Should Be Used as a Diving Board – Not as a Sofa

A new year has begun, a new start.

How can we move on?

How do we let go of negative experiences and old limiting beliefs from the past that do not serve us anymore?

How can hypnosis help you to move forward, to keep your New Year’s resolutions and reach your goals for 2013?

Sometimes the familiar old slump is comfortable like an old sofa. Diving into the new unfamiliar waters on the other hand, can be scary.

But why do some people seem to do effortlessly what we dream of doing? The simple answer is, they know they can. They have the supportive beliefs to do what it takes.

Do you want to be healthier, lose weight, quit smoking, cut out sugar, change your diet, or exercise more?

Do you want to be more organized, throw out clutter, and keep on top of things?

Do you want to learn something new in 2013 or change your career?

Do you want to improve your business and/or your finances?

Do you want to attract a happy and healthy relationship?

How can Hypnosis  and Psych-K® help you to create in your life what you REALLY want to see in 2013?

Both Hypnosis as well as Psych-K® are tools to change your subconscious programming.

All our past experiences and the conclusions drawn from them – or in other words the beliefs we learned from them – are stored in our subconscious mind. So, although aware of some of them, there are many which subconsciously direct our feelings, actions and behaviour. These subconscious beliefs represent a powerful influence. They are the basis on which we respond to life’s challenges. The ability to successful, both personally and professionally, to live a healthy and happy life, free from the past, is profoundly affected by such beliefs as “I joyfully release the past and expect the best now”, “I can reach any goal I set my mind to,” “I am competent,” “I am good at…,” or “I deserve health/prosperity/happiness/love/etc.”

Hypnosis and Psych-K® are powerful techniques to override old limiting beliefs with new supportive ones. 2013 can be a great year for you! All it takes is for you to jump off the diving board and into the future.

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