Spring Equinox

The spring equinox is one of the four solar festivals of the year. On March 20, day and night are equally long, light and dark are balanced, but about to tip over on the side of the light as the days are getting longer. The longer days of spring symbolize the time of a new life. Spring stands for new beginnings, new birth, and new growth.

As we celebrate the spring equinox with a meditation we are setting clear intentions, so that we can harvest a more bountiful future. Spring equinox is the season of new birth and renewal. It’s the optimum time to plant a personal garden within your being and to make a new start, to create what you really want to see in your life.


What is needed to plant the garden of your soul?

It is quite simple. What are the qualities you most want to see manifest in your life? What are your goals and dreams for a joyous future? What needs have to be met so you can be happy and feel fulfilled?

These are the seeds to plant in the garden of your being. Consider the things you want to have thriving most in your interior garden. 

Maybe you want to plant the tiny seeds that lead to abundance and prosperity? Perhaps, you want harmony in all your relationships? What about planting the seeds of health and well being deeply within your heart?


Join us in a Spring Equinox Meditation as we set clear intentions for a new beginning on

March 21 from 7:00 – 8:00

in Mississauga (Winston Churchill / Britannia).

Please RSVP as space is limited.