How does hypnosis work for the fear of going to the dentist?

I am entering the dental office with butterflies in my stomach. The unpleasant smells and the metallic sounds in the office fill my senses. I don’t want to be here; I have dragged this visit out as long as I can. I am ready to snap at the assistant behind the counter because I am irritated and full of fear. I am convinced she has no idea how I feel being here. The fear rises as I sit in the waiting room. By the time I am sitting down in the dental chair, my heart is racing and I am ready to throw up. The dental hygienist clips a paper bib around my neck and clatters with the instruments around me. I just want her to stop. I can hear the drill from the room next door, people moving about, talking, there is so much noise and hectic. I feel like getting up and leaving. I am anticipating my worst dental experience yet.


That was me ten years ago. I had a dental phobia, a strong fear of dentists. Since then, I have become a hypnotherapist and learned to relax and hypnotize myself. Today, a visit to the dentist looks, sounds, smells, and feels completely different.


I enter the dental office with my soft blanket under my arm, a smile on my face. The assistant smiles back at me; we chat a bit before I sit down in the waiting area. I am breathing deeply, looking forward to a relaxing and positive dental experience. I use the opportunity to close my eyes for a bit, allowing my breath to relax me even further, going on a little journey to a special place in my mind.

In the blink of an eye, it is time for me to settle down in the dental chair. I ask the hygienist to recline the chair already. My dentist knows me. He knows that by the time he comes into the room I am deeply relaxed already, settled in comfortably under my blanket.

The dentist does his examination, lets me know there is a filling he wants to renew; he might have to drill a bit deeper, it seems there is a cavity underneath. I nod and get ready to take myself to a different place altogether.

As he begins his work, I count myself down a staircase, going deeper and deeper into trance with each step and each exhale. My heart beats calmly; my breathing is long and deep. I can hear his calming voice from a distance letting me know what he is doing. I so enjoy the gentle humming of the instruments lulling me into deeper relaxation, the gentle clutter of metal, feeling deep trust in this professional team doing an excellent job.

I can feel him working but I do not sense any pain. I am feeling a deep sense of calm and bliss in this trance. Once in a while he will ask me to open my mouth further or turn my head and he waits patiently as my responses are a bit slower than if I were fully conscious. I have lost all perception of time. Half an hour feels like five minutes, five deeply relaxing minutes. As I come back into the room, I feel refreshed and re-energized, pleased to have looked after my teeth, having taken good care of my health.


This can be your experience, too!

Are you scared of the dentist or of dental treatments? We can eliminate all old programming due to negative experiences from the past. In just a few sessions, I can teach you self-hypnosis so you will have a deeply relaxing and nearly pain-free experience.

Being able to hypnotize yourself will come in handy in many situations in your life. You will be able to deeply relax yourself anywhere and cope with stressful situations in a completely different way. You will be able to create the experiences you want to have.

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Does Hypnosis Work for Dental Anxiety?

Imagine lying in the dental chair, deeply relaxed and comfortable, losing track of time and just enjoying how good you feel. You are aware that the dentist is working in your mouth but you are not aware of any sensation of pain. For you, the visit to the dentist is like visiting a spa.

Just a dream? Not at all! With hypnosis you can make the visits to the dentist a positive and relaxing experience. You will be able to decline traditional pain medication because you are in a nice comfortable hypnotic trance, experiencing the treatments as quite pleasant.

Are you scared of the dentist? Or do you even have a phobia of the dentist? You are not alone. Dentophobia is the fear of the dentist and dental treatments in general. The fear can stem from past negative experiences and is often connected to the pain associated with dentistry. Hypnosis can help you overcome that fear for once and for all!

Do you grind your teeth? Bruxism, the unconscious habit of clenching or grinding your teeth, especially during the night, is another condition for which hypnosis is valuable. The teeth grinding leads to attrition, the premature wearing down of the enamel of your teeth. Side effects can also be jaw pain and migraines due to the straining of the temporal and mandibular muscles. Your dentist might recommend a night guard. Not everybody is comfortable wearing this mouth guard during the night. Why not reprogram the unwanted habit and reducing it with hypnosis?

For some people even the treatments by the dental hygienist are stressful and painful. This is another area were hypnosis can help you to be so comfortable that you can take care of your dental health.

Hypnosis for Dental Treatments

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