Shadow Energetics Conference Call

Are you intrigued by shadow work and would like to find out more? Here is a chance to be on a FREE conference call with Darryl Gurney and ask all the questions you might have.

Call Tuesday, April 16th, 8:00 pm – 9:15 pm Eastern time
Dial-in number: 1-559-670-1000 
Participant Access Code: 686864

Darryl: “Shadow work has been a passion of mine since I studied with Hal and Sidra Stone who are the founders of Voice Dialogue. The understanding I got from them has proved invaluable in my own personal journey and has played a major role in the work with my clients. My clients Higher Selves are constantly asking to have them integrate this or that part of themselves that got lost somewhere along the line. I have come to realize that the game of life is for us to move into wholeness and unconditional Self-Love, this aligns us with the very essence of the universe, once aligned or intentions carry much more power and our ability to manifest is greatly enhanced. This inner work helps us achieve deeper peace in our relationships and we become more choiceful and therefore more conscious. We get to meet and come to understand our inner child which has so many gifts for us that will deeply enrich our lives. It is this understanding gained from my experience working with folks that has led me in this new direction. I recognize the significance of shadow work as I have seen such a profound personal transformation in myself and others. What I am so excited about is that my background in energy psychology has allowed me to create processes which allow us to accurately identify our shadow and integrate it back into our lives much, much more efficiently then with traditional methods.

So please join me on this conference call and I will share more of what this work is all about and I will do my best to answer any questions that you may have.”

For Information on the four day Shadow Energetics Workshop in Mississauga go to calendar