Shadow Energetics Workshops

4-Day Shadow Energetics Workshop 2019

May 25/26, 2019 (Saturday/Sunday) and 

June 8/9, 2019 (Saturday/Sunday)

in Mississauga

8:45 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. every day


EARLY BIRD for ENTIRE WORKSHOP: $595 – if $150 deposit received by May 1, $695 thereafter (Prices include tax)

BRING A (new) FRIEND SPECIAL $565 (each)

REPEAT PRICE (if you have taken the entire four days previously) $285

For Course Information or To Register & Pay Deposit Please Contact:

Angelika Baum, 905-286-9466,


The Founder

Darryl Gurney of Health Quest has been a holistic health provider since 1987. He is a certified mind/body therapist & body psychotherapist. Darryl currently resides in Squamish, B.C.  He conducts workshops and gives talks on consciousness and holistic healing all over North America. His classes are known for the safe atmosphere full of laughter and personal healing.


The GTA Instructor

Angelika Baum is a Belief Change Coach with 14 years experience who daily facilitates Shadow Energetics and other healing techniques. She is the only other certified instructor of Shadow Energetics. She offers Shadow Energetic Workshops in Ontario.


Testimonials from the April 2016 Shadow Energetics Workshop:

That was an amazing workshop! I feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful group of brilliant souls! I really enjoyed all the deep healing and sharing we all did in a really safe place.
This is one of the best workshop I have attended with a lots of aha moments for me!
Thank you so much Angelika for being you and such a great teacher/mentor holding space for everyone’s healing journey with so much love and compassion!
See you soon for more sharing and healing! xo  – Stephane

The Shadow Energetics workshop is very valuable. I have attended three times now. Every time I learned  something new. Not only will you learn valuable methods to make yourself more whole, you will develop confidence by practicing  these methods on yourself and others. Angelika is fantastic! – Tami B.

It truly was a magical weekend. I got a lot the first time and so much more this time. Definitely planning to retake it in June to continue this amazing journey of self discovery and healing. Thank you Angelika and all the participants.  It is amazing and liberating to do my inner work in such a safe environment and not feel stuck as I move forward in my life!  – Karen

Taking the Shadow Energetics Workshop with Angelika Baum the past 2 weekends has been fantastic. It is about learning what we need to know can be accessed through muscle testing. Then with the Shadow Energetics work we can actually balance and change the beliefs and emotions that we have been carrying around often without us even being conscious of it. I highly recommend taking this wonderful workshop when Angelika at Greendoor Relaxation teaches it in June. – Barb


Testimonials from the Sept./Oct. 2016 Shadow Energetics Workshop:

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Angelika creates a safe environment that not only encourages participation but allows the participants to engage in the Shadow Energetics processes. There is a comfortable pace to the learning which includes theory and application. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to be free of limiting beliefs and patterns. As a practitioner I see this as a valuable tool to add to my resources. Shadow Energetics is also an amazing technique to complete or improve your personal relationships. – Tammy A.

 Angelika is a flawless facilitator. She holds not only a compassionate loving presence but also one of great power. The tools provided with Shadow Energetics are something that every individual could use to improve the quality of their lives. The belief changes are instant and the connection to the unconscious truly invites a deep knowing of the self. I am forever grateful for the gifts of this course, and Angelika and her magnetic self. – Krista B.


Testimonials from the April 2017 Shadow Energetics Workshop:

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I liked EVERYTHING about this program! The energy was amazing, the people so open and honest, willing to try, very inclusive, and Angelika’s leadership and knowledge is amazing.  – Catherine

This was a great opportunity for learning and growing.  Angelika is a wonderful, sincere and kind facilitator who was expert at bringing together all heart and all energies in the group. I also really liked the balance of practice and theory, especially the multi-media approach of video and audio mingling. Thank you for a great experience, Angelika!  – Crina


Testimonials from the Spring 2018 Shadow Energetics Workshop:

The pure positive and sacred space that Angelika and the participants held was simply beautiful! The learning is intense and the value of these sessions is immense. It’s a journey of looking within and benefits flowing into every aspect of our life. Angelika is an absolutely brilliant coach! – S.K.

The program has a good balance between theory and practice and provided me with tools to continue work on my own. There are a lot of materials covered and in most cases they brought up / triggered and also resolved a lot of issues in me.

This seminar is a great addition to individual sessions with Angelika. Now I can progress better, knowing the mechanics/dynamics of Shadow Energetics.

Thank you with all my heart, Borxu

This was such a wonderful time retaking this workshop and really connecting on a meaningful level with amazing like minded people! Really enjoyed discovering new aspects of the Shadow Energetics work I hadn’t even thought about the previous times I took this workshop.

I strongly recommend it to anyone that is willing to do the work on themselves and get a rewarding experience that will change their life immensely. – Stephane Corre

Angelika teaches this course with so much knowledge. She holds such a loving safe space to do this energy work. Each time I take the course I learn and understand more and my confidence grows. I love this course, the people who participate are amazing, caring and full of such wonderful energy. The connections and the growth that happens during this workshop is mind blowing! I plan to take this workshop again and again! – Catherine Atchison

I just love repeating this workshop! I learn new things each time. I love that you work on yourself each workshop. Angelika creates a sacred atmosphere where you can feel safe and she builds your confidence. Shadow Energetics is such a vital tool to have. I highly recommend this workshop. – Tami Boug

This workshop is such a fantastic tool for inner change. I love it!

Angelika is a fantastic instructor, very organized, and really holds space for all of her students. Great use of different media to help everything stick. Very astute at explaining things in a different way in case someone has difficulty in understanding a concept. Fantastic!!! – A.C.