Shadow Energetics

What is Shadow Energetics?


Shadow Energetics was developed by my good friend Darryl Gurney, who has been working and teaching in the mind-body field for 25 years. His work is based on Hal and Sidra Stone’s Voice Dialogue and Debbie Ford’s Shadow Work, as well as Belief Change Work, Leonard Laskow’s Holoenergetics®, and his own channelled processes.

Shadow Energetics processes include:

  • Belief Changes for our Primary Selves (Perfectionist, Responsible Self, Pusher, Inner Patriarch, Pleaser, Rational Mind)
    Understanding what primary parts in us drive us, as well as balancing limiting beliefs around those parts, brings us greater freedom of choice.
  • Inner Child Work
    The inner child work I do with clients is based on different authors (J. Bradshaw, H. Stone, L. Hay). Darryl’s deep and powerful inner child meditation is one of my favourites.
  • Dream Analysis
    Darryl’s dream analysis includes diagramming your dreams and understanding what messages our subconscious and higher self have for us, especially concerning our shadow parts.
  • Understanding the Different Mirrors
    People in our life mirror different things for us.
    They mirror…
    – what we are
    – what we judge (our shadow)
    – something we have lost
    – father/mother
    – our greatest fears
    – our self perception
  • Dark Shadow Integration Process
    Our dark shadow parts are all those characteristics about us which we do not like and hide from ourselves and others.
  • Light Shadow Integration Process
    Our light shadow parts are all those characteristics which we admire in others but deny in ourselves.
  • Relationship Alignment
    Shadow Energetics’ deepest and most touching process is in my opinion the relationship alignment for any relationship (romantic partners, parent-child, siblings, friends) we are in. This process clears out the energy in your chakras and in the person you are having the relationship with and leads to a deeper understanding and love between the two of you.


Contact Angelika for individual session to do some shadow work.

Or take the four day Shadow Energetics training with Angelika:

  • We will explore the ‘Psychology of Selves’ and come to understand how disowned selves operate inside you and the effect they play in your life, your health, your behaviours, and your relationships.
  • You will learn muscle testing* to access higher knowing.
  • You will learn a way to decode your dreams and access the wellspring of insights of what is taking place inside your subconscious mind.
  • You will learn a method of subconscious belief change to change beliefs that anchor your shadow and keep you polarized in duality.
  • You will learn a process to integrate your shadow to move you in the direction of wholeness and living authentically.
  • You will also be doing processes to get you in touch with your inner child so that through an understanding of your deeper needs you can move into a place of consciously parenting your own inner child.
  • We will spend time learning a language of needs so that you can communicate more authentically and deepen the intimacy in your relationships.
  • You will get a deeper understanding of the inner critic and how to get separation from this self-abusive part of you.
  • You will learn a relationship process that will help clear the energetic dynamics that can sabotage your relationships.
  • You will also learn a system to heal and release repressed emotions.

If you are interested in taking the Shadow Energetics training, either for your own personal use or because you are a holistic practitioner, contact me for courses  in the GTA. For next workshop dates go to Upcoming Workshops.


*Watch a short demonstration of muscle testing or energy testing:


An interview about shadow work:


An introductory webinar to the Shadow Work  by Dhebi DeWitz and Angelika Baum:

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