PSYCH-K Session on Skype

Right from the start, it is obvious that Angelika knows what she’s doing. She pours her heart and soul into her work and believes in what she does. I felt almost transformed after just one session of Psych-K. I look forward to future Skype sessions with her. I was a little sceptical at first about having a session over Skype (there are over 4000km between us) but much to my surprise it went like a dream.

Michael Broeckhuyzen, Seville/Spain



Relationship Balance

I wanted to share with you what has happened with me since the Relationship Balance. I feel like I have my life back only even better than before. I feel physically lighter, mentally brighter and much, much happier.

What is really amazing is that my shoulder pain has gone. For several months, I have had pains in both of my shoulders and down both of my arms. The pain had been getting progressively worse to the point that for the last few months I have not been sleeping at night because when I roll on my side I wake up in terrible pain. When I am awake, I have been using a heating pad, having massage, using trigger point releases and often, more recently, taking pain killers. Saturday night, after the Relationship Balance, I slept all night but assumed that I was so tried that I had just slept through the pain. On Sunday, I thought – something is missing! On Monday, I realized that the pain was completely gone and it has never returned. I can even sleep on my side at night and I have no pain. I was truly carrying the burden of this problem on my shoulders for the past two years and my body was letting me know it with a voice that kept getting louder! The experience of releasing the past and this pain has really reinforced for me the power of Psych-K.

Oh, and I have lost 3 pounds with no effort! Clearly, I now believe that my metabolism is healthy and efficient after balancing that statement with Psych-K.

– M.C., Toronto



A huge thank you for our session today…

I have never experienced anything like it before.  While I have done muscle testing, the ease in which you spoke to my body and responded to the subconscious was remarkable.  I appreciated your non-judgemental stance throughout the entire process.  I felt so comfortable disclosing private pieces of my life with you.

-Diane, Oakville



Angelika, I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me.  I will be eternally grateful.  You are an amazing talented woman.  I always new that but I had no idea how gifted you are at what you do.  I really enjoyed our time together and the work we accomplished on my beliefs.  I feel so much better and am ready and excited for my future, thanks to you.

– Dale Stoneman, Mississauga




I met Angelika when I took the Basic Psych-K course.  I was balancing on my own, but needed some help with a particular issue, so I decided to see Angelika for a session. I was very worried about my daughter (4.5 years old), because I felt that she had a lot of fears, and insecurities.  She was also getting many ear infections and I was concerned that there might be an emotional component that was causing these ear infections.  Through my session with Angelika, I realized that many of the fears that I thought my daughter had, were really in me!  Angelika was able to help me through certain insecurities I had with respect to my daughter, and also helped me release the guilt I had about having to go back to work since she was 2 years old.  She helped me realize that my daughter was perfect the way she is, and that I didn’t have to fix anything!  When Angelika applied the Psych-K principles to these beliefs that I had, I felt a huge release, and was crying uncontrollably!  That evening when I came home, my drive home was absolutely serene, and I was so calm. I also had the best time with my daughter that I hadn’t had in a long long time!  Overall, it was an amazing experience, and it really shifted how I saw myself, and how I was perceiving my daughter.  It was huge! Thank you Angelika!

– P.S., Brampton




After the end of my 19 year marriage, I decided I wanted to transition as quickly as possible from the negative and unhappy feelings and thought patterns so commonly a result of such an experience to a positive and healthy outlook on my new life going forward. Working with Angelika has helped me immensely. While at times I felt skeptical with some of the techniques such as PSYCH-K®, once I opened my heart and mind to the process, I have enjoyed a personal transformation which has changed my life forever. Thank you, Angelika.

—David S., Mississauga




It was a lucky day when I was referred to Angelika to try to get a handle on the anxiety and leg tremors I was experiencing as a result of Parkinson’s. I noticed that all my symptoms worsened when I was worried, so I assumed that I might be able to lessen my symptoms with an attitude change. Most of us don’t realize how long we’ve allowed ourselves to “stew” in the stress of our lives and ignore the fallout to our bodies. Angelika’s gentle, insightful and non-judgmental guidance with Psych-K has been remarkably helpful. By examining corrosive thoughts and trying to recognize each time they come up, I’ve been able to make the choice to step away from old patterns of fear, negativity and worry. The amazing outcome is that both the tremors and the anxiety are now negligible.

—Anne Shabason, Bolton




I had stumbled onto Angelika’s website one night, and I was intrigued as to what kind of services that she offered. Sounded too good to be true, but it certainly got my attention. I made the call to have my first session, and I am so thankful that I did.

Her settings that she has in her office are extremely relaxing and comforting. Her way of sensing what you need to help you are incredible. She seemed to know exactly what I needed. Thru a failed marriage of 13 years I must say my confidence level and self esteem were quite low. Just from only one session with Angelika she helped me see who I was, and to assist me to change my negative way of thinking. I am so blessed to have met Angelika; to me she is a God sent.

I truly recommend Angelika to anyone who has lost their way or just needs a guiding hand. To me the more I work with Angelika the happier and more confident I have become. She has made this transition period for me a lot easier to deal with. Sincerity, warmth and genunine concern is what you will find when you first meet Angelika. And the best part is finding yourself all over again.

—Pam Jeyasingham, Mississauga




After working as a successful financial trader for over a decade, I wanted to take my trading to the next level. I realized that I had psychological blockages, probably dating back to childhood, and that I needed help in identifying them and removing them.

Using PSYCH-K®, Angelika had success right from the outset in identifying deep-seated restricting beliefs, and in showing me the pathway to removing them and replacing them. With Hypnotherapy, she was able to go even deeper and create a level of relaxation and focus which led to balancing and healing of the chakras.

Angelika has a wonderfully patient, thorough, kind and empathetic manner. This sometimes hides the true power of her work until you stop to realize the newer, better, person you are becoming. She also brings a unique gentleness and spirituality to her profession.

—Walter Stock, Toronto



Angelika creates such an atmosphere of trust that only one session uncovered a debilitating pattern that I had been unaware of. With her help I was able to make serious changes that have already resulted in going forward emotionally and financially.

—Deb Aaron, Toronto



I first came to see Angelika because I was mostly interest in hypnosis. Little did I know, not only she introduce hypnoosis to me, she also introduced a method called Psych-K. My first experience of Psych-K was intriguing especially when my hands came together from the side of my body without even intending it to, at least consciously. You would have to experience it to know what I am talking about. It is definitely worth it!!!!

Everybody should meet Angelika. She is soft spoken, with a lovely German accent, her house always smells great, her studio emanates healing energies. Her open heart and non-judgemental attitude in contagious. She has a way of setting up a safe stage for a sincere open dialogue. She dances with you in the present moment. Her ability to zoom in on the issue and her abiliy to help you see clearly is a true gift. I have had MANY realizations and MANY HEALINGS in her presence.

—Myrka Brisson, Oakville



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