For everybody’s safety, I am currently offering all sessions online. 

I have always worked with individual clients and couples who live further away by connecting through Skype or Zoom. In the past, I have already addressed the question, Can PSYCH-K® be done via Skype, Zoom or on the phone?

One of the FAQ is “How does muscle testing work online?

If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me for a free phone consultation.




Is a Zoom Session as good as an in-person Session?

I will let some of my clients answer this question by sharing their testimonials.


CLIENT REVIEWS for Individual Sessions:


Angelika Baum has offered me support, compassion, and active care since September 2014.  We have worked through relationship healing, personal loss, health issues, and most recently feelings of uncertainty in working online, caused by the pandemic. “Unless your subconscious mind knows and believes that you will take care of yourself and your needs first, it might feel you need a physical reason to remind you to stop and breathe.”

In late March I was able to connect with Angelika over Zoom to address the anxieties created by the loss of personal freedoms, and changes to our work and daily living. Angelika created the same safe atmosphere during the Zoom session as she does at an in-person session. Her ability to really listen and  filter my thoughts into three or four belief statements restored my positive attitude and has allowed me to engage and inspire others over the past 9 weeks.

I will continue to highly recommend Angelika to others by ‘Zoom or by Room’!!! Angelika is a very special human. 

– C. Stewart (May 2020)


I wasn’t sure whether an online session with Angelika would be as effective as my in-person sessions with her have been, but I was so pleasantly surprised. Angelika and I met over Zoom, and her positivity and energy still came through our shared screen. Even virtually, she helped me work through some difficult feelings and emotions. As always, Angelika’s ability to listen and understand me on a deeper level made our online session together incredibly productive.

Besides this, I loved that meeting virtually meant I didn’t have to travel to Angelika – which is a bit of a trek for me, although one I make happily because she is that great! I am thinking this may be a meeting format I stick with in the future, even after our current pandemic passes. For anyone considering meeting with Angelika online, I would definitely suggest trying it. Thank you so much for everything Angelika! 

– Rebecca Lewis, Toronto (June 2020)



My name is Dave, and I’ve been working with Angelika for almost two years now. My sessions began with her at a very low point in my life. Angelika’s belief change coaching and emotional release counselling has literally transformed my life on both a personal and professional level. My work with Angelika has enabled me to heal from some devastating personal and family losses and, more recently, to successfully navigate a complete career change in mid-life!

On occasion, due to inclement weather, I’ve done remote video sessions with Angelika using my laptop. Admittedly, I was skeptical beforehand as to the benefit of an online session. However, I was amazed how adept Angelika was in adapting her belief change and emotional release exercises to an online setting so effectively.

So when Angelika suggested using Zoom video technology for our future sessions due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, I agreed without hesitation. Despite the sacrifices and inconveniences we are all currently undergoing, I feel very grateful for this video technology option that will allow me to continue my invaluable life coaching sessions with Angelika in the comfort of my own home.

– David W. (March 2020)


Work with Angelika has been a game changer in realizing my professional and personal potential for several years now. Having moved to Europe to continue with my MBA degree, I was determined not to lose this important tool in my development.

At first, I wondered if online sessions via zoom would have the same comfortable and enabling energy as the setting at Angelika’s?! But then I though to myself: “We will make it work. After all, technology has enabled so many advancements in our society.”. If patients can move their medical check-ups to telehealth format, then surely Greendoor Relaxation can follow in these footsteps.

My first Zoom session with Angelika was well set-up and seamless. In a matter of 15 minutes, I could not even tell the difference.

I quickly realized that this format also had advantages. First, I did not have to spend extra time commuting. Second, I was able to talk out of the comfort of my couch. Third, Angelika stepped in to muscle test whenever needed. All I had to do was relax and watch her do her “magic”. And that was great! I trusted that she is more experienced and attuned in receiving guidance for our sessions.

My personal call to action for all those who are wondering if Zoom session is the right format for Greendoor Relaxation: Give it a try! We are fortunate to have this choice.

– Julia T. (March 2020)


I have been seeing Angelika for the past 5 years. We have worked on many topics ranging from healing relationships with self and others, self empowerment, career coaching, personal development and much much more. Her in person sessions have been completely invaluable and life changing. The space and energy she holds during the sessions makes you feels so incredibly safe.

I recently moved to British Columbia for a short term stay. While visiting I’ve had some very triggering moments. Angelika responded to my concerns so promptly, and suggested a phone conversation if there was lack of privacy, or a Zoom online session. I wasn’t sure how effective an online session or phone call could be but I trust her and believe in her work so deeply.

We started with a phone conversation as I was unable to have space to myself. It was actually very healing just to have a conversation about what was happening in my life. Once we got through the bits and pieces of information needed we decided a zoom call would be best to continue the session. During the online session you could feel the warmth and beautiful energy that Angelika exudes and it felt like she was right there with me. We were able to go through all the exercises just like in an in person session. I am so grateful that her services are offered online. 

– Monika C. (May 2020)


Hi Angelika,

I’m reaching out to say thank you again for your assistance in taking ownership of my finances. I’m working with a budget and I know where my money is going. I’ve been able to reduce some spending and breeze through some hurdles. Even filing our taxes this year felt much quicker and easier than previously. Thank you again for the amazing online session.

– Christine (May 2020)




CLIENT REVIEWS for Couples Sessions:


My wife and I have been seeing Angelika for marriage counselling for 9 months now. We usually purchase one of her packages and see her every 2-3 weeks. She has taught us to communicate differently, to be a team and to get through a challenging time with one of our kids. It has been very fortunate for us that Angelika also speaks German, so that my wife and I can speak in our mother tongue with each other during the sessions. Despite COVID-19 we wanted to continue our sessions. We are very satisfied with our first online appointment. Angelika was able to guide us and help us with an issue we were struggling to solve on our own. It was not much different from our usual sessions in her office. While the coronavirus pandemic continues, we will see Angelika via Zoom.

– T. M.  and J. M. , Burlington (March 2020)


My partner and I recently had our second couple’s session with Angelika – this time via a virtual meeting on Zoom. While virtual sessions aren’t always preferable to meeting in person, we found it to be extremely helpful and well-timed given the current circumstances. In late March, we accelerated our plans of moving in together amid looming COVID-19-related lockdowns and were hoping to gain some insight into how best to navigate this uncertain time. Through our work with Angelika, we’re learning to practice effective communication, and to recognize non-verbal cues. She’s given us tips for navigating our new working (and living) arrangement, as well as exercises to effectively express our feelings.

Angelika is a thoughtful listener and is incredibly adept at allowing our thoughts to unfold naturally. She does not drive the conversation, rather she helps guide it to a place of discovery. Angelika is kind, patient, and brings an instant sense of comfort and ease to every session. My partner and I are thrilled to be working with Angelika and look forward to our next virtual session with her!

– K.A. & B.M., Toronto (April 2020)