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Have you heard about past life regressions, maybe read a book by Dr. Brian Weiss, for example “Many Lives, Many Masters”?

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Fascinated? Curious? Wondering about your own past lives? Find out about two of your past lives in a two hour session for $155.00- or purchase a Gift Voucher for someone else. Read what other clients say about the experience. Testimonials


Have you …

  • ever met anyone that you seem to know a lot about or immediately felt very familiar with, even though you have never met him/her before?
  • had recurring dreams, that are so vivid that you feel you are there?
  • always been fascinated by certain objects or music, even though it has nothing to do with your upbringing?
  • been drawn to visit or live in a place you have never seen?
  • been captivated by a period of history, like the French Revolution, even though you have no apparent connection to it?
  • a deep dislike for a place in the world, even though you have never been there, or choose not to go there, like a hospital or doctor’s office?
  • had an affinity for a language that none of your family speaks or is not part of your heritage?
  • got an unusual scar or birthmark on your body that you had since your birth and is not explainable?
  • had persistent phantom pain in any part of your body?
  • had any fears or phobias since early childhood, that have no apparent reason?

Then you have quite possibly met these people, experienced these places or events in a previous lifetime or parallel life.

What is Past Life Regression?

“Let’s pretend for a moment that you are sitting peacefully in a comfortable chair and daydreaming about nothing in particular. Suddenly you get a sense of being somewhere else … just for a moment. Somewhere that you can see, smell, hear, and also feel emotion.That’s what a past life journey feels and looks like, except it’s usually longer — sometimes lasting up to two hours or more — or occasionally shorter, depending on the lifetime experienced.Remember the last time you were at the movies and you became so involved in the story that you cried? You were emotionally, even physically involved, but you also knew that there were people around you eating popcorn or whispering comments. That too is what a past life regression journey can feel like. You are there, and here, at the same time. Sounds strange? A bit perplexing? Maybe it is. But the feelings and the wisdom coming from the journey are profound and can be life-changing.”—Dr. Georgina Cannon, Return

We have all experienced memories that have no basis in our present reality. We often explain them away as dreams or “deja-vu”. We have difficulty understanding where emotional or physical issues, like unfounded fears and phobias come from, especially when you have had no experiences that may have caused them.

What can it do for me?

One of the main benefits of doing a Past Life Regression is that we gain a deep wisdom and understanding that goes beyond our current experience. We bring back a lesson from another reality that can help us to see the events in this life in a different light, and can help us solve a problem or heal an emotional wound. By accessing another reality and uncovering the patterns of behavior in our lives, we can break a cycle of pain. By understanding the source of our problems or distress, we can let it go. The Regression allows us to move beyond whatever is holding us back from achieving happiness and fulfillment in our current life.

Another benefit of Past Life Regression is that we can experience life with a different color skin or a different gender, age, culture, different economic situation, and experience the world from a different perspective.

What if I don’t go back?

Very rarely people have difficulties regressing into a past life. One reason can be that there is an issue in this lifetime that has to be worked on before they can explore other lifetimes. “But in general, of the people in my experience who requested past life regression — many of whom have never been hypnotized before — over 90% have traveled without difficulty into a past life regression.” (G. Cannon)

How does Past Life Regression work, or am I making this all up?

You sit in a comfortable chair and allow yourself to enter a slight hypnotic trance. You feel relaxed and at ease. It seems like you are in the present and in the past at the same time. You can hear everything that is going on around you in the room, while the therapist guides you gently through two childhood memories and then into two past lives. For some people the stories of those lives unfold like a movie, others feel or just know what has happened, for some it is a combination of sensations.

A common concern is the doubt regarding the reality of the past-life experience. Some people wonder, if they are making up a story from creative imagination. What matters is that the story that you are experiencing is relevant and valuable to you in this lifetime. Some people believe they are remembering a past life, others believe that time is an illusion and different parts of our soul lead parallel lives, for others it is a metaphor of the subconscious mind. Perhaps, our lives happen chronological, perhaps, our soul experiences multiple lives running parallel and shining through into this reality. It does not matter as long as you bring a lesson, a certain wisdom back from the experience into your current life.

If you try to analyze a memory while you are experiencing it, you are likely to stop the flow of the memory. Analysis is a left-brain function, memory and recall a right-brain function. So the left side of the brain can “get in the way” by interrupting the experience. The best advice is to go with the flow, trust the impressions that you receive, and let the story tell itself. If you let that happen the memory begins to open in detail.

I am not trying to prove or disprove reincarnation. There are hundreds of books that give both sides to this issue. Regression, however, is a proven modality that works, over and over again. Find out for yourself by giving me a call or by e-mailing me at greendoorrelaxation@yahoo.ca.

What happens in a session?

A Past Life session will normally take around 2 hours. During this time you revisit two childhood memories out of this present life and then two past lives from the many lives that you have experienced.


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