When I first went to see Angelika I had a dentist phobia steaming from my childhood. It was torture for me to have to see a dentist for treatments. Now all my fears of the dentist are gone. It feels incredibly liberating!

When she told me that I would also be able to hypnotize myself at the dentist instead of getting anesthesia I had doubts I could really do that. But I did! I feel really good about being able to make healthy choices by controlling my pain perception.

– Tara, Burlington



I did have my root canal today. I was quite worried the days leading up to it, but I used your CDs which helped me and I did put the tracks on my ipod for today and it was an enormous help! Between your CD and the homeopathic remedies I took, it went very well! It actually felt like I fell asleep for most of it, but I know I was just really tuned into your voice. Thank you so much for the CD! Thanks again Angelika…your relaxation methods are really helping me!

A.M. from Brampton


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