I wish to express my gratitude for the healing and insight of self awareness you have helped me achieve through hypnosis.

For a number of years I have been suffering from upper and lower abdominal problems. I have undergone numerous tests and have failed to provide a diagnosis. I was depressed, fatigued and felt powerless. I suffered and my family suffered because I started to withdraw from everything because of the pain and anxiety I was experiencing.

I decided to try hypnosis because a Doctor recommended it to me. It has been know to aid individuals suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was skeptical because I have always though of myself as a rather rational individual.

On our first session you addressed any uneasiness or concerns I had. It was a wonderful experience. I managed to relax and in turn you taught me how to hypnotize myself after a few sessions. I refer it to now as “meditation”. I meditate almost everyday. What a wonderful sense of calm I feel.

I have reclaimed my sleep, my self confidence and energy back. Although I still suffer from pain my quality of life has improved as a result of learning through my sessions with you. I was also able to get to the root of my emotional problems. Through your sessions, I feel as if I can accomplish my goals and that I am one a path of self awareness and healing.

Again, I can not express enough my gratitude for helping me to follow the path of self-knowledge, health and a greater understanding of my spiritual self. Through it I have discovered how wonderful life and the world can be.

—Toni Serrafero, Mississauga




I was at a point in my life where I had a lot of doubts about where I was going career wise. While attending a healing seminar, I met Angelika and she somehow knew that I could use some help to overcome some of my self esteem issues. When she brought up hypnotherapy to undo the negative conditioning that I subjected my self to for decades, I was a little hesitant. I thought it was just a new age fad.

After we discussed some of my concerns, Angelika was up front with me regarding what to expect during a hypnotherapy session. She answered all my questions with patience and professionalism.

I thought I would try a session to see if hypnotherapy would actually help me pass a course that I was taking at the time. I was a week away from an important exam and instead of dealing with self esteem issues, we worked on getting at least 80% on my exam. I must admit that I had my doubts that I would actually get those marks since, I didn’t feel that I knew the material well enough. During the session, Angelika, suggested that “I will understand and absorb all the materials which I have covered in the course, and I will be able to recall them at the appropriate time.”

Believe it or not, I got 80%. I wish I could have told her that I wanted at least 90%. Please note that there is no way around studying. I still had to study but I was able to absorb and understand the material well and recall them with ease during the exam.

I have attended a second session with Angelika to deal with the self confidence and career issues and I will update everyone on how it is going.

Thanks Angelika. You’ve helped me out a lot.

—Alf C., Burlington




Having already experienced Claudia Angelika’s wonderful healing Reiki session I decided to try her hypnotherapy treatment to help shift some issues that I felt were holding me back. I went for the 3 hynotherapy sessions during which she also teaches her techniques so that the client becomes selfrelient and can use them when alone. I felt like she had a magic wand, she barely started talking and I would go into a most deep and relaxing state. After the 3 sessions were up I felt as if a shift had taken place and I was in a very happy mood. Not long after I was excitedly calling Angelika up telling her about some positive things that were taking place in my life.

—Omaymah Lakkaraju, Mississauga




Angelika creates a warm, non judgmental environment which is very comforting. She taught me the most important secret to weight loss… that is to reframe your thoughts. Using hypnosis as a tool to help me redirect negative thoughts and self image I not only met my initial weight loss goal of losing 20 lbs. but have made positive lifestyle changes that have moved me past worrying about the number on the scale and just enjoying the feeling of living a healthier lifestyle! I have started running again, have completed my first 5km race and am training for a half marathon now!

—Adriane Beaudry, Mississauga




I had stumbled onto Angelika’s website one night, and I was intrigued as to what kind of services that she offered. Sounded too good to be true, but it certainly got my attention. I made the call to have my first session, and I am so thankful that I did. Her settings that she has in her office are extremely relaxing and comforting. Her way of sensing what you need to help you are incredible. She seemed to know exactly what I needed. Thru a failed marriage of 13 years I must say my confidence level and self esteem were quite low. Just from only one session with Angelika she helped me see who I was, and to assist me to change my negative way of thinking. I am so blessed to have met Angelika; to me she is a God sent. I truly recommend Angelika to anyone who has lost their way or just needs a guiding hand. To me the more I work with Angelika the happier and more confident I have become. She has made this transition period for me a lot easier to deal with. Sincerity, warmth and genunine concern is what you will find when you first meet Angelika. And the best part is finding yourself all over again.

—Pam Jeyasingham, Mississauga



I truly want to thank you for all of your help! You let me find myself and my happiness again which is an act I think I can never thank you enough for! Hahaha, you’re making me cry out of happiness for the first time in a long time!! If I need help again or just feel like I need to build on my relaxation and protective techniques, I know that I can always call or email you. You are an inspiration to me Angelika, and I am so lucky to have met you.

—F.B., 16 years old, Mississauga




4 years ago, at the age of 50, I was diagnosed with stage 7 prostate cancer. Thankfully, my doctor told me that there is no need to panic as cancer cells in the prostate are very common. Rather than risking surgery I chose the path of “Watchful Waiting” and began to address all possible causes for the existence of these cancer cells. I changed my diet, for example cutting out red meat, dairy and caffeine, and I also changed my entire life style completely. That is where Angelika came in. I learnt self-hypnosis from her and how to turn a very stressful and unhealthy life into an active healthy life-style. Cancer is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit and the prostate cancer prompted me to take a critical look at some old limiting beliefs I had about myself, my masculinity and about life in general. With the help of the techniques Angelika has I was able to really change the way I think and feel. Today, I can say I am truly grateful for this wake up call that resulted in many positive changes I made in my life, and opened the door to meeting my new life partner.

—Jim, Mississauga



When I first came to Angelika my plan was to send one of my daughters for hypnosis. Within that first introductory talk, however, Angelika proved to be very observant, pointing out a few areas in which I could improve my beliefs and make positive changes for my entire family. One of the issues that had really taken a toll on all of us was me going through breast cancer and a mastectomy. I was full of anger and rage that this had happened to me, felt assaulted and completely out of control. Worst of all there was this always lingering fear that the cancer could return at any time. Angelika helped me to heal on all levels. She was gentle, compassionate, yet firm and able to hold the belief for me that I still am an attractive desirable woman until I was ready to feel this myself. Learning from her about energy and how our thoughts and words affect our healing made a big difference for me. Step by step, I was able to release all the anger and fear, forgive myself and all other people involved and find peace in what is. The issue one of my daughters had disappeared on its own once she did not need to mirror my anger anymore. I am today able to be a confident and proud role model for both my two daughters.

—Gaby, Oakville



Angelika is what I would deem a “miracle” in my life. Having a fear of flying has prevented me from seeing the world and putting my career at a stand still. After just one session with Angelika I was able to take my first flight in over two years. I did it with confidence and ease. Very few people have the ability to build a true connection with another human being-Angelika has that ability. Time stands still when you are with her-you leave feeling at peace and very aware that you are embarking on positive change in your life. I will forever have Angelika in my prayers.

—Leslie Heathers, Mississauga


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