Application of Hypnosis

Can Hypnosis Help Me?


The benefits of hypnosis are many.

Hypnosis can be helpful in many different areas, for example to deal with fears and phobias, for habit change, for goal setting and achievement, for self-esteem/confidence issues, for stress reduction or to work on emotional or physical issues.

Some of the most common problems that can be changed or eliminated through hypnosis are:

    • Hypnosis to deal with fears and phobias, for example
      • fear of flying
      • fear of heights
      • fear of spiders
      • fear of dogs/cats
    • Hypnosis for habit change
      • quit overeating (weight loss)
      • improving eating habits
      • improving exercise habits
      • quit smoking
      • improving sleep patterns (insomnia)
      • improving study habits
    • Hypnosis for goal setting and achievement
      • enhancing public speaking skills
      • improving sports ability
      • improving memory
      • improving decisiveness
      • improving ability to focus and concentrate
      • increasing ability to earn and hold on to money
      • increasing organizational abilities and efficiency
      • prepare for successful job interviews
    • Hypnosis for self-esteem/confidence issues
      • overcoming shyness
      • building self-esteem
      • improving self-confidence
    • Hypnosis for stress reduction
      • increasing relaxation
      • decreasing stress
      • reducing tension
      • reducing fear
      • reducing nightmares
    • Hypnosis to release emotional or physical issues
      • sadness
      • anger
      • guilt
      • disappointment
      • migraines
      • allergies
      • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
      • Immune System Problems
    • Hypnosis to work through relationship issues
      • fear of commitment
      • abandonment issues
      • going through a separation
      • dealing with divorce


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