Forgiveness & Letting Go

Holoenergetics® – Healing Through Love and Forgiveness


Holoenergetics® Healing is a method developed by Leonard Laskow, M.D., that allows a conscious transformation of physical issues, emotional blocks or limiting beliefs involving a strong heart energy, and the healing energy of the hands and breath. The four Rs of Holoenergetic Healing are: Recognition, Resonance, Release and Reformation.

1. Recognition

What is it that I want to change and why? What does the illness or issue allow me to do, be, or have, what does it keep me from doing, being, or having?

2. Resonance

We need to come into an energetic resonance with what we wish to change.

3. Release

Breath, intention, imagery and energy is used to release the undesirable pattern.

4. Reformation

The void that remains from the release of the old issue is refilled with positive energy.

Some of the Holoenergetic® processes are

  • a Tracing Process, to trace and release a stored energy block in the body,
  • an Unconditional Love Process, to connect with Source and be in a heart space, and
  • a Forgiveness Process, to let go of the past and joyfully move forward into the future.

Why is Forgiveness such an important part of healing?

Forgiving does not mean forgetting, it also does not mean loving others, that may or may not happen. It simply means taking back the energy that you had tied up with feelings for someone else. You have bound yourself together with that person through your own thoughts and feelings of hurt, blame, anger and judgment. Forgiveness is the gift that you give yourself that frees you from the pain that you gave yourself by judging others negatively. Forgiveness is a choice to release, to let go, freeing up the energy that binds and blinds you. Forgiving is “for-giving” yourself, love and freedom.

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