The Phoenix Conspiracy

Would you read a thriller? Would you read a spiritual book? How about a spiritual thriller? Doesn’t exist? Yes, it does.

Accompany hypnotist John Phoenix as he meets Shelley and comes across mysterious cases of alien abduction in his hypnosis practice. Who is Shelley? Are these abductions real? If there are really aliens among us, what are they like? And what does the military have to do with all of this? The deeper John becomes involved in this mystery, the more dangerous and unpredictable his life becomes.

The Phoenix Conspiracy is a spiritual thriller that blends mystery, suspense, romance and military intrigue with spiritual principles and quantum physics. It is truly captivating and keeps you hooked until the very last page, as you are swept up in an adventure that leaves you contemplating the truth of our existence and what we don’t know yet. It has you wondering if the story is indeed fact or fiction.

Brian's book 3

Brian Alexander’s novel also has the power to infuse the reader with the desire to want to make positive changes on our planet. Brian says that he wrote this book for people who are already spiritually interested but even more so for those who are not yet asking questions about how they can be part of the changes towards a more conscious society.

My friend Karen brought the book home and placed it on her night table. Here is her testimonial of what happened:

My husband saw my copy of Brian’s book ‘The Phoenix Conspiracy’ and asked to read it. He could not put it down! From the moment he started the book, I have noticed a considerable change. He has become more positive, more in tune with the energy around him, and started tapping into his own energy.

He just finished the book this morning and said ‘I’ve NEVER had a book affect me this way…Brian is my new hero!’”

 Brian's book 2

If you are interested in a copy of this fabulous thriller which paints a hopeful and encouraging picture of our future, contact me for a copy.




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