Children Remembering Having Past Life Memories

NBC news recently reported an interesting story about a boy who remembers his past life as an unknown Hollywood actor in the 30ties. The boy was able to remember some astonishing details about this actor’s life which have been verified.

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The phenomenon of children talking about a past life or making comments which indicate re-incarnation is not uncommon. Children sometimes seem to still remember events or people from before they were born into this life. Sometimes souls are even born into the same family again, two or three generations later. When you search “children remembering their past lives” such headlines as “5-year-old is his own grandfather” or“3-year-old boy solves his own murder” come up.

Over the years, I have heard many different stories from friends and clients about children, who have made comments about their past lives in a completely matter of fact way. Usually, children are younger than six when you hear such remarks. One of my own children very seriously told me at age 3½, “I had to come to this family”. When I asked, “Why?” she replied, “Because I had to be with my sister again”. Those were certainly comments beyond what one would expect a 3-year-old to make and therefore this conversation caught my attention and curiosity.

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Incidentally, the relationship between her and her sister is one which is very close, supportive and loving. They are sisters in this life to help and encourage each other. However, sometimes we find that we are re-incarnating repeatedly with certain souls from our soul group to learn hard lessons, lessons which allow us to grow due to conflicts and issues rather than love and support.

As parents, we often find children’s claims to remember other lives more remarkable or unusual than the children perceive them. For them, the memories are simply part of their experience of life. They live otherwise typical childhoods. Sometimes parents seem to be afraid that something is wrong with their child’s mental health when they say things that are hard to explain. This is absolutely not the case.

If you have a child who has made a statement which has you wondering whether they are accessing a past life memory rather than just making something up, you might be unsure how to handle this situation. I can only recommend remaining open-minded and treating the child’s remarks with respect, just as you treat anything they share with respect.

Don’t ask too many probing questions. As a parent you want to avoid that the children are making things up. Open-ended general prompts like “Tell me more…” are most successful. If you child is one of those kids who give enough information which can be verified, it is good to write down the details of what they are saying.

If you feel your child has come back as one of his or her own grandparents or great-grandparents, enjoy the special connection you have with them. However, remind yourself, that although in the past life they might have been your parent or grandparent, in this life, they are not. They deserve to have a childhood and a mature and responsible parent in you.

Last but not least, as exciting as it is that your child remembers having been somebody else, keep in mind that their current life is most important right now. Any knowledge which comes through from a past life has to be seen as “How can that information help me right now in my present life?” We are here in the present time and space to live this life fully and to grow from our experience.


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