Challenges of an Introvert: How to Become More Extroverted

Are you an introvert? Do you prefer listening over speaking? Do you feel somewhat uncomfortable being the centre of attention? Do you speak with a quiet voice? Are you creative and support others but dislike self-promotion? Then you are one of at least one third of the population who can be called an introvert.

Our Western society undervalues introverts greatly. Being successful or getting things done is often equalized with being an extrovert. Adapting to our extroverted society does not mean that you need to become something you are not. Soft power or quiet leadership is often very effective and enables others to step into their own power.

I am an introvert myself, yet like so many others I have trained myself to step out of that comfort zone to approach people and to speak in public. If you so like, I am a “pretend extrovert”. I am comfortable and even enjoy stepping into a more extrovert energy as long as I have quiet time in between to recharge.

In order to overcome some of the reluctance to step out of our introvert safety zone, we have to re-learn certain subconscious and conscious beliefs:

We really need to feel that it is okay to be the centre of attention. We have to learn to enjoy having all eyes on us. We need to know that people are interested in what we have to say and that what we can share is valuable. We can learn to interact differently with people without losing the core of who we are.


Hypnosis for Public Speaking is very effective and PSYCH-K® can address all the limiting beliefs that are holding us back from stepping out more.

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