Be Part of Our Changing World

What is your vision for the future of our world?

Is it one of sharing and cooperation as opposed to greed and selfishness? Is it one of an abundance of health, wealth and happiness for all? Is it one of awakening the entire humanity to love, wholeness and prosperity? Is it one of a harmonious community that learns from and cares for each other? Is it one of recognizing that we are all one and that we can save this planet as one united, loving force?

The Burlington Wholistic Wellness Expo is a perfect example that our world is already changing.

Come out on Saturday, March 29th, 2014 to meet and support over 80 heart-centred practitioners and vendors who are sowing the seeds for many different paths to achieve natural health and wellness. All exhibitors recognize that our future lies in addressing natural and wholistic methods, which include the emotional, mental and spiritual side of healing as much as the physical.

There is one entrance fee. Once inside, all 15-minute sessions with the participating practitioners are free. You can sample from a variety of alternative techniques, natural methods and healthy products.

If you are interested in experiencing this high vibrational event and in purchasing tickets ($25.00), contact Angelika for details:


Or go to this website and order online:


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