When somebody calls me up for a free consultation regarding past life hypnosis, one concern that sometimes comes up is, “Will it work?”

The secret to a successful past life regression is to let go and allow the images to flow. The more you can simply relax, trust and permit the story to tell itself, the smoother the experience. Doubt or worry blocks the flow. The time for analyzing is AFTER the regression is over. During hypnosis, it is best to simply go with what comes up.

A past life regression is a two hour session. After an initial talk about hypnosis, I begin by guiding you into a slight trance state, and we go back to two childhood memories. The childhood memories are an intermediate step. We are looking for happy or positive experiences as a child, not traumatic ones. Our goal, after all, is to go back to past lives and not to clear out traumas from this life.

We then relax you even further and regress back to past lives. I always aim for two past lives in the same session, as the lives often have the same topic or answer the same questions. Another benefit of going back to more than one life is that the second life very often comes up as more detailed. After having accessed one past life successfully, you realize that your concerns were unnecessary. It does work! You will relax even deeper and the second past life can flow in even more effortlessly.

As fascinating as it is to know what past lives we have had, the purpose of a past life regression is to gain insights for this life. We will examine what you have learned in those incarnations. The essential question is, “How does knowing about these past lives help me in my CURRENT life?” Your subconscious allows you to open the door to two past lives which are relevant for you now. It gives you the answers you seek to questions you might—or might not—consciously be aware of. All you need to do is allow the information to flow in.

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