The 3 Keys to Conception

For the last four years, I have been incredibly blessed to help couples with fertility issues. We clear out their subconscious fears: their emotional or mental blocks to conceiving a baby. It is a work that is especially close to my heart.

Many years ago I was in the same place, convinced my deepest wish would never come true, devastated by the suggestions of medical doctors, feeling like I had failed myself and my husband. I am a walking example that by shifting your energy, clearing out your issues and by letting go, your dreams manifest.

I have been asked by other practitioners if I see a common element with my fertility clients. Yes, I do. Most women who struggle with “unexplained infertility” are type A personalities. I always have to smile, because I used to fit that category as well. They are perfectionists, they are super reliable, they are workaholics, they strive to be in control, and they like to have things “just so”.

Sound familiar?

Conception is the one thing we cannot “will” to happen. It is about exactly the opposite of making things happen. Conceiving a baby is about surrendering, about letting things happen, about not being in control. Being pregnant is going with the flow. Being a parent means being flexible and letting go of needing things to always be “just so”. Nobody can turn our life more upside-down than a child.

Type A personalities know how to “do” things. However, you cannot “right brain” your child into existence. Receptiveness is the opposite of doing. It is about being. It’s about letting go, about shifting your perception of the world around you, about giving yourself permission to just be in every moment. The Latin verb “esse” means “to be”. Being is about connecting with your own essence.

The point is not to turn a type A personality into a type B personality but to bring things more into balance for a type A. Hypnosis, meditation or other techniques of going into the silence inside are all about surrendering to the energy of being. That shift in energy coupled with releasing fears and blocks to conception bring the woman into the right alignment to receive the spirit baby that is waiting for her.

Surrendering happens as we follow our heart, our path and our intuition. Lynsi Eastburn, who has been dubbed the “Baby Whisperer” for her decade-long successful work in the field of hypnosis for fertility and who was my teacher in 2009, names three keys to conception in her newest book:

1. Meditate

Meditation and hypnosis both take you into the silence inside. They allow you to quiet your mind, centre yourself, release your fears and limiting beliefs and feel connected again.

2. Listen

Meditation and the hypnotic state help to develop your intuition. As you are spending regular time in the field of intention, connected to something greater than your physical self, you are able to listen to messages from a deeper or higher mind. The wisdom is right there to be accessed. All you need to do is listen.

3. Trust

Connecting and listening need to go hand-in-hand with trust. Trust the guidance you receive, trust your own innate wisdom. Surrender to the knowing that your baby is coming to you in the right way and in the right time.


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