Being in the Glorious Moment

My friend posted this on Facebook and got 50 Likes for it.  It really hit a cord with people. Why is that?

Why don't we splash in puddles


When she later told me the story about splashing in the puddle, I felt anxiety rising in myself as I wondered if I would have jumped into the puddle to end up all covered in wet mud. I never jumped into puddles when my kids were little. What is all that fear about?

Reluctance of jumping into the puddles seems to me to be symbolic for being afraid of life. Nothing terrible is going to happen if we jump into the puddle, yet nonetheless, we do not allow ourselves to be free and truly playful. We do not give ourselves permission to be completely in the moment and enjoy life like children still know how to do.

We complain about the heat, the rain or the snow instead of enjoying being hot or wet or cold. We run inside when it rains instead of realizing how perfect each moment is. It is perfect to feel life with all our senses, to just be right here, right now. Jumping in puddles is a form of meditation, of letting go of everything that is not real—the past that is over, and the future that has not happened yet.

There are so many different ways of being in each glorious moment. Connect with nature, be completely present with somebody, read, write, paint, be creative, sing, dance, feel, meditate… the list is endless and very personal.

What is on your list? How are you going to be in the moment today?

I went home and told my 12 year old that next time it rains I want to jump in the puddles in our backyard. Her reply was, “I am not doing this with you. That’s for 5 year olds!” With sadness, I realized that I have already taught my own children to judge and consider what is “appropriate” instead of what it means to enjoy life.

In what ways are you fearful to fully enjoy life? What beliefs might you have to let go of to be completely immersed in each glorious moment? What holds you back from fully embracing joy and happiness?


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