It’s Too Hot – Loving What Is

The thermometer in my car shows 34˚C. As I get out of the air conditioned interior, a wall of humid heat hits me. It feels like 40˚C. “Phew,” escapes my mouth and my eyes meet the eyes of the young man getting out of his car next to me on the parking lot of the grocery store.

“It’s one of those days,” he replies. Then he adds, “But in only three months, we’ll be complaining about the cold again! As Canadians, we are never happy with the weather. It’s too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer!”

He is absolutely right. We do this all the time. We focus on what we do not like and complain about it. We ignore all the wonderful things about summer—or winter for that matter—and focus in on the one thing we do not like.

What prevents us from loving the heat? Most of us have AC in our houses, cars, work places and in all the stores. What is all that complaining about?

We have a free choice to hate something, or to like something.

Last night, I was taking my daughter and her boyfriend to see a theatre show in Stratford. Originally, this was supposed to be a trip with two adults sharing the drive, but things changed. Yesterday morning I realized, I was focusing on the two hour drive home in the dark—which I don’t particularly like—instead of looking forward to the show.

What could have prevented me from enjoying the evening? Nobody has the power to do that but me. My choice to focus on the part of the experience that I do not like, instead of looking forward to spending time with two bright young people who love theatre at least as much as I do, if not more. Once I realized the choice is mine, I had a fabulous evening.

We do this all the time. We choose to focus on what is lacking when it comes to a situation, ourselves, or—worst of all—the people in our life.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. She was completely focusing on the “wrong” eating choices her grownup daughter makes, and on the weight her daughter has put on. By choosing to get all caught up in that displeasure and judgement, she was missing what an amazing young woman her daughter is, how beautiful and smart.

What prevents her from refocusing? What holds her back from trusting her daughter to figure out her overeating?

The same friend does not love her own body. So we can assume that the daughter is mirroring shadow sides to her. In regards to her own body, she also chooses to focus on “flaws”, her “big” tummy, the part of her body that she absolutely does not like. She focuses so much on how ugly that part of her body is, that she feels she is unable to lose weight in that area.

What prevents her from loving her tummy? What is in the way of feeling beautiful and accepting her body the way it is?

From a place of love, she will be able to easily shift her weight. However, it begins with getting rid of old limiting beliefs about her body and opening up to loving and accepting ourselves – or our loved ones, or the situations in our life – just the way they are.

It all starts with Loving What Is.


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