Dear Daughter – An Open Letter to My Daughter

Dear Daughter,

Looking at the pictures of your prom, fills my heart with awe, incredible love, and deep pride at the miracle that you are. I had the honour to accompany you through the first 17 years of your life, to be your guide and your student alike. You came into my life as an old and wise soul, and you have taught me more than I ever had to teach you.

You mirrored my disowned shadow parts to me. You shifted my perspective countless times. You showed me what it means to step out of your comfort zone and overcome your fears. You are determined. You don’t accept boundaries of the mind, and you are committed to being the best you can be.

Today, you are an adult, an adult who is in control of her life, trusts her own decisions, an adult who takes responsibility for her own happiness. You have grown to be beautiful, smart, and confident, a woman who I greatly admire for her courage and spiritual maturity. By being you, you encourage me to be a conscious parent every day of my life.

Being a conscious parent means accepting that when you were little I was not as conscious as I am now. It means taking responsibility for the influence I had and have on you in the past and in the present. Above all, it means allowing you to take responsibility for your own life.

As a conscious parent, I am committed to waiting patiently while you figure out what you feel and what belief systems those feelings are based on. At times, it meant sitting lovingly through your anger and blame until you figured out it is time to stop blaming your parents. Being the amazing young woman that you are, it did not take you long to realize nobody can hold you back from being free of the past.

There is no person—parent or otherwise—no circumstance, thought, or feeling from the past, present or ever to arrive in the future that can stop you from being the successful woman that you choose to be. You see very clearly that the only person to hold you back is you, your beliefs, your thoughts and your words.

I watch with admiration as you work through your lessons. You are in the process of transcending perfectionism, and stepping out of the mould of what is supposed to bring happiness and success. You strive to find your own way of living life to the fullest. I trust that you can and will overcome all hurdles, support yourself financially, live the life you dream of, and create the relationships and professional success you desire.

I support you through whatever you choose to do with love and compassion. Above all I trust: I trust that you have all the answers inside.

Your mom

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