Do Not Let Your Story Define You

“If you look at the things in your life, the things that have brought you some level of harm, some level of shame, some level of whatever: are you allowing those things to define you? Or can you step into your light right here, right now, and define them and say, ‘I no longer accept this, I no longer accept the thing that is harmful, I no longer accept what I feel shame about.’ Because what it comes down to is, it is story!” (Jonathan Zenz, Centre of Spiritual Living, Toronto)

Healing is not about getting rid of our stories, denying them, or suppressing them. Your story makes you the beautiful human being that you are. Healing is about getting rid of the hold a painful story has over you; clearing out the emotional charge the story has for you. The moment you truly let go—forgive others and yourself—you are free. You take the energy back that you have bound up in the past. You are free to move forward into a happier future.

“From heart ache comes evolution, revelation, and resolution.” (Jonathan Zenz)

When we take responsibility as the powerful creator that we are (evolution), we suddenly also understand that we are in control of our feelings (revelation), and can emotionally let go of our story (resolution).

We move up from a state of being a powerless victim, helpless to the things that “just happen to us for no good reason,” to claiming responsibility for our feelings and to creating our future. We realize the law of course and effect is always in place. What has shown up in our life is there for a reason. We co-created it, sometimes consciously, sometimes subconsciously. The energy we send out draws in “form” that is in line with that energy. The people and events that show up vibrate at the same frequency as we do. The more we are able to come from love and trust, the more positive the experiences that we manifest are.


How do I move out of my old stories?

Step number one is to realize when we are “running stories”. Our emotions are our guidance system to let us know when we are stuck in a place of fear, sadness, anger, or any other strong emotion due to our thoughts. The emotions are an incentive to follow those feelings back to the story or belief that triggered them.

Step number two is to make a conscious decision of wanting to let go of stories that do not work for us anymore. Notice if there are any attachments, because an old story can be strangely comforting and familiar. Can I let go of the “victim mode”? Can I step into my full power as the spiritual being I am?

Step number three is to claim responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. We might have to transform old limiting beliefs systems as we change our words. Thoughts and words are very powerful. With those words we are constantly creating our reality.

Step number four is to walk the talk. Become a conscious observer of what is going on in your head and what manifests in your life. Course corrections and u-turns are at times necessary for all of us. We are all works in progress.


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