What If I Make a Wrong Decision?

We all have to make decisions in life, some of the bigger ones are relationship-related (moving in/out, marriage, having children, separation, divorce), and others might be job-related. When I am assisting clients to become clearer on the choices they are faced with, we examine their beliefs that prevent them from making the most beneficial decision. Fears and limiting beliefs are transformed in the coaching session into more supportive beliefs.

Often I find that a big stumbling block for clients is the fear of making a “wrong decision” or a “mistake.” That paralyzing idea in itself is the problem! There are no right or wrong decisions. We all make choices all the time, some originate from love, others come from fear or a feeling of lack; some come from spiritual awareness and with clarity, others more from Ego and limiting beliefs.

As a result of those thoughts, words, or actions, we draw the same quality of energy back in that we have made our choice from. This manifests as consequences in our life. However, there are no mistakes. Whatever shows up is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and to grow personally and spiritually.

We are all individualizations of the one spirit. “Individuality means real individualized being and real personified self-choice” (Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind, 73). Without our freedom of choice, we would not have the learning experiences that we do.

In any given moment in time, it is better to make a choice when you are at a crossroad, than to sit on the fence afraid to make a mistake. In a way, sitting on the fence not making a decision between choice one and two, is a third choice. It’s the choice not to take responsibility but to let others make a choice for you.

Surrendering to what is unfolding and being open to our own innate wisdom takes away the fear. Know that there are no wrong choices. Spirit primarily wants you to have an experience and to learn from that experience.

“There are no mistakes; none have ever been made and none ever will be made.” (Ernest Homes, Science of Mind, 255)

I am grateful for all my choices, the ones that originated from a higher consciousness as well as those which originated from a place of “need” and feeling separated from Source. Often those so-called “bad decisions” have taught me more than a “right” decision ever could.

What helps us to make more beneficial decisions is being aware of our soul’s purpose. Part of the counseling I offer is life purpose coaching. Once we have a clearer understanding of that purpose, it is easier to make conscious choices from a place of love and trust.


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