Our Words Are Powerful Beyond Belief

Mind your thoughts

because they become your words

Mind your words

because they become your actions

Mind your actions

because they become your habits

Mind your habits

because they become your destiny.


This was one of my favourite poems 8 years ago when I first studied Hypnosis. Today, I was reminded of this poem when working with a client.

Our beliefs, thoughts and words are the key to how we create and experience our reality. In fact, after all these years of coaching clients, I feel stronger than ever that words carry a powerful vibration of manifestation.

Within the first five minutes of her session, the client said eight times (I kept a tally on my notepad) “I am so tired.” Then the real belief underneath slipped out when she said, “I deserve to be tired.”

What was she doing by constantly mentioning her tiredness and exhaustion? She was making it worse, of course. And we have all done that. We have been sick, or in pain, or tired, or feeling strong emotions and we have enhanced that state by not just affirming it to ourselves but by sharing the feeling with everybody else around us.

Why was she doing that? Surely nobody wants to feel tired? She was doing this because she felt she did not deserve to rest and enjoy her life. She wasn’t even sure if she deserved to feel tired. If she could at least convince herself that she deserved to feel that way, she might be able to sneak some relaxation in through the back door. Meanwhile, her guilt about feeling exhausted and wanting to relax prevented her from doing exactly that. She could not give herself permission to sit down and do nothing.

On her free day, she felt compelled to work around the house or fill her day with unpleasant appointments: things that she convinced herself she had to get done. As we worked through this, she realized she deserved better than to feel tired. She deserves to recharge, reenergize and let go. We did some belief change work for her to shift to always enjoying her free time.

I love to see the glow in someone’s eyes when they deeply make a shift to living in line with what their soul needs. She realized she wanted to be fully present to her life and to enjoy every moment. Being present, allowing your soul to just be—to just marvel at how wonderful life is—heals and is healthy for the body, the mind and the spirit.


Do you need to clear out old BS (belief systems) to give yourself permission to be more in the now?

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