Heaven Is Within

(dedicated to my mom)

Today, June 23, is my mom’s birthday. Last year, she passed on just 12 days after her birthday. I believe that only her mortal body died and her soul crossed over, continuing to live eternally. My youngest daughter asked me last year where I thought this “place” was that her soul is in now.

Now a traditional Catholic would say she is in “heaven.” What interesting concepts those ideas of heaven and hell are, as places “to go to.” Isn’t heaven possibly within? I believe that heaven is a state of consciousness or awareness to achieve as we are living our life in this body—and beyond.

While she was living her life on this earth, my mom many times chose to go to a less than a heavenly place in her consciousness. She experienced her life as a victim in many ways and was tortured by a lot of emotional pain. She wasn’t as blessed as I am to know that we create our reality through our beliefs, our thoughts, our words, and the stories that we choose to buy into.

I am so grateful that, last year, when she was feeling a lot of physical pain as she was dying, I was able to teach her that she can go to a heavenly place in her mind. For her, that heavenly place was Barcelona, where she had lived as a young woman and where she had once created happiness for herself.

Having had the opportunity to teach her this fills me with the hope that her soul is still choosing to focus on heaven and therefore that she finds herself in her own personal heaven.

Why don’t we all choose more often to focus on the heaven within ourselves? The Law of Cause and Effect states that we create for ourselves that which we choose to experience in our life—and, as I see it, beyond.

When you find yourself “going through hell”, remember that you can change that experience by choosing to create a different reality!

Heaven is not a place outside yourself or even a place to go after you die. Heaven is happening right now, here on earth, when you awaken the heaven within.

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  1. Beautiful! And oh so true. I’m sure she senses your love for her, wherever she is.

    Lots of love


    When you’re going through hell, keep going! – Winston Churchill.

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