How magnificent could we all be if we were always in the flow of abundance! Trusting that we are prosperous and that Spirit will provide all that we need. Instead, we get caught up in fear and a perception of lacking.

And what about being in the flow of love? There is so much love around us coming from our family, friends, even strangers: all individualizations of the one Spirit that lives in all of us. How often do we close up to that love; how often do we not acknowledge or appreciate it because we are stuck in the belief that we are undeserving or not lovable? Maybe what truly scares us is the realization that we are loved, deeply loved.

Our health is another area in which we manifest lack, out of fear. We have all heard that our body has healing powers inside, that we can all heal ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally. But how often do we give away the responsibility for our health out of a lack of belief, a lack of belief in our own power and the power of Spirit inside.

We don’t like to feel the fear, so we push it away, continuing to run stories about not having enough: I don’t have enough money/love/support/help… The list is endless.

We stop the flow of goodness coming into our lives by going into a place of fear. What to do with fear? The first step is to do exactly what we are resisting to do. Feel the fear; sit in it; acknowledge it! We experience that we can survive feeling it.

“If you get scared, sit in the fear.  If you need support, reach out to soul family and bare your soul.  They will support you.  If you shed tears in this release, close your eyes and observe the sensation that follows in the wake of your tears.  Resist the urge to scratch the sensation or wipe away the tears.  Let tears of Truth dry into your skin and experience change.” (Carmien Owen)

The second step is to become aware of the old limiting beliefs behind our fears; examine them for the truth. Is it really true that we don’t have any money, any love, any support?

“Just as the tracks of your tears will pass, so too will your fear.  Fear is a feeling.  Behind every feeling is a belief.  Willingly invoke this knowing.  Practice asking yourself what is the belief that no longer serves you, that is actually surfacing because it was pushed there by the Love that expands within you.” (Carmien Owen)

The third step is to acknowledge what is happening in this very moment as a learning opportunity which spirit is presenting to you. It is time to lovingly bring in a shadow trait we might have uncovered or to lovingly transfer a limiting belief to one that helps us back into the flow of being the master creators of our own reality.


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