I am fabulous!

“How are you?”

“I am fabulous!” Mr. P responds with a big smile, his eyes sparkling with joy.

Mr. P is a friend of mine, a very conscious teacher at an elementary school. He strides though the hallways with a bounce in his step and an uplifting and catching energy around him. He meditates with his students, sees the best in every child, and shares a smile with every one of them. He loves his job; he loves life!

When you ask Mr. P how he is, he never just replies “I am good.” His reply is, “I am fabulous!” or “I am fantastic!” or at the very least, “I am wonderful!” Even just the tone of his voice says, “It’s an amazing day!”

The other day, the custodian passed by, and upon receiving the answer, “I am fabulous!” he paused and commented, “You always say you are fabulous, Mr. P. How can that be? Nobody can always feel that good!”

Mr. P’s simple reply was, “I have the choice to be miserable – or to feel fabulous. I choose to feel fabulous.”

I am sure the custodian is not the only one who has wondered about this. What belief systems do most of us struggle with to make us believe that nobody can feel this good all the time? We are affected by old beliefs that tell us that life is hard, that it’s a struggle, that we cannot possibly have it all, that we don’t deserve to be happy all the time, or that if we get too happy something will surely happen to bring us down to the tough reality.

Is that really how you want to live your life?

Or would you like to experience it like Mr. P who spreads his joy and love to everybody he meets?

It all starts with making the decision to shift from gloom and fear to joy and love. You are worthy of happiness! You can feel fabulous! You ARE fabulous!

Let’s clear out all the old beliefs systems and fears that are in the way of you opening up to your full magnificence.

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