Letting Go of My BS

I heard a fabulous talk by Carmien Owen titled “Changing My BS” on http://www.knowtheflow.ca/category/podcasts/. Eloquently, he plays with these initials as he proceeds to speak about changing our belief systems.

Too often we have dreams, goals, or the best intentions to live a fabulous life full of love, happiness, health and abundance. If it wasn’t for our BS, those stories we tell ourselves about not being able or worthy of creating that life that we claim we want, we would be the greatest manifestors of an absolutely amazing reality. We would have relationships that are loving and supportive, we would joyfully make healthy choices and create prosperity for ourselves and others.

When we grow up, the beliefs we learn from our primary care givers, from our family, at school, from our environment, and through the media enter straight into our subconscious and create the filter through which we interpret our reality. Like a sponge, we soak up anything that seems to help our conscious mind understand this world. We fall for the illusion that we are what we believe in. Nobody guides us to connect with our higher self or teaches us that beliefs systems can be changed.

How does one do this? How does one change the programs that seem to be running all on their own inside our heads? One way, of course, is using affirmations and a lot is to be said for daily affirmation practice. However, sometimes those affirmations only stay on the surface; they do not penetrate deep into our being.

When using affirmations in a deeply relaxed state, in meditation or in hypnosis, or simply in a whole brain state that can be achieved though breathing techniques or Psych-K balances, we can deprogram old limiting beliefs and override them with newer empowering beliefs.

We can clear out our BS, stop running the stories that make us feel miserable, disconnected, and alone by reconnecting with our essential self. Our essential self has an unlimited love for us, a love that is always here; you need not earn it. It’s a love without comparisons, without judgments, and without condition. The path of changing our beliefs leads through the heart, through compassion and love for yourself and everybody else, as we are all connected. Changing your beliefs means taking one step forward at a time, letting go of the past, being in the present and the presence of your own divinity.

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