“It’s one of those days!”

A friend said to me yesterday, “I do not feel right. It’s one of those days! I woke up and already did not feel happy.”

Have you had one of those days? Do you feel unhappy or “not right” sometimes? I certainly have.

It seems we feel “off” when we are not in alignment with what is good for us, in line with our purpose, or when our values aren’t met. However, feeling “not right,” having unpleasant emotions, or feeling low is a good thing.

Our feelings help us to examine where we veered off our path. We need to ask, “Why am I not happy?” Did we say “yes” to something we should have said or wanted to say “no” to? Do we need to express our feelings or needs? Did a situation or other people bring up our issues, and do these issues need to be worked on?

Feeling “not happy” is a good thing because it gives us feedback that something deserves our attention. Our emotions are our internal guidance system. So next time you do not feel happy, do not sweep it under the carpet but ask what is needed for you to feel more balanced and lighter again.

Do you need to say no and set boundaries? Do you need to make healthier choices for your daily activities? Do you need time to yourself to go for a walk, sleep, read, meditate, sing, dance, be creative… for anything that you know lifts your energy? Do you need to look at some of your limiting beliefs, doubts or fears that keep popping up from your subconscious and change them?


Hypnosis and Psych-K can help you deal with sadness or unhappiness, allows you to make shifts in your life, and raises your vibration to live a fuller, happier and healthier life.

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