How Our “Shadow” Uses Our Own Mind Against Us

What is this thing we call our “shadow”? Our shadow is us when we make a stupid remark out of upset, anger, or fear and hurt someone else we love, possibly ruining a relationship. Our dark shadow side is acting up when we do something out of fear to sabotage our career, our happiness or our health.

Although the fear itself is not real—it is just “False Evidence Appearing Real”—our thoughts fuel the fear and give it power. Our shadow turns against us using the power of our own mind. Our shadow is our own thinking taking advantage of our lack of self-love.

“Your shadow is as intelligent as you are, because it is your own intelligence co-opted for fear’s purpose. It has all the attributes of life, because it has attached itself to your life. And like all life, it seeks to preserve itself” (Marianne Williamson, The Shadow Effect, p. 158)

Every thought has an energy; every thought either heals from a place of love or hurts from a place of fear. The only way out of fear is love. The only way to find more light and be less directed by the darkness of your shadow is to have the courage to look at the very same shadow.

Our character defects do not mean we are “bad.” They show us where we are wounded. But no matter who or what has wounded you in the past, the wound is yours now and you alone are responsible for it. You alone can face it and embrace it. You alone can shift your thoughts and beliefs to loving ones about yourself and your entire being – including all the traits that you would rather deny.


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