You Are a Magnificent Castle With Endless Possibilities

In “Love and Awakening,” John Welwood uses the analogy of a castle to show what we are like as children and what we become by the time we are adults. We are born into this world as a castle with thousands of rooms. Every room is perfect the way it is and has its own special gift. Each room represents a different aspect of ourselves and is an integral part of the entire perfect castle. As a child we explore every inch of this castle without shame or judgement. We lovingly embrace every room.

“There are endless numbers of rooms. Creativity, femininity, honesty, integrity, health, assertiveness, sexiness, power, timidity, hatred, greed, frigidity, laziness, arrogance, sickness, and evil are rooms in our castle” (Debbie Ford in “The Dark Side of the Light Chaser” p. 27).

Every room has its opposite in our castle. We are playful and light hearted and we are also serious. We are creative in some ways and uncreative in others. We are emotional and we are also rational. We are smart and stupid. We are honest but we also lie. We are confident and assertive one moment and we are also shy and reluctant. We are generous and giving in one way and we are cheap or greedy in another way. We are lazy one day and work hard at something the next day. We are “good” and we are “bad.”

As we grow up, we come across different people who feel that one or several of our rooms are not perfect and because we want love and acceptance we close off those rooms that we are told are “bad” or “wrong”. By the time we are grownups many of us have locked up so many rooms that we forget that we ever were this magnificent castle. We believe we are just a small, run down two-bedroom house in need of repairs.

Because we deny that we have ALL traits in us, we can only perceive our “negative” personality traits in projection in others. When we see someone else being what we perceive as “wrong,” we judge them. The more disconnected we are from our traits, the more adamant might we be in judging them in others.

Everything we hate, resist or disown about ourselves takes on a life of its own and makes us feel unworthy. As we are judging others, we are judging ourselves.

Are you interested to find out how you can be like that castle with thousand rooms again?


Who do you judge? Who do you think you are not?

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